Let that quote sink in for a second.  I know what John Oliver is trying to say in his typical sarcastic way, but I don’t think he realized just how well he made the gun-rights community’s point for us.

The TSA is an expensive boondoggle, to the tune of $7 Billion in 2015.  The TSA has been widely recognized by both the left and the right to be nothing but Security Theater, which when put to the test, failed to detect a weapon going through security 95% of the time.  The TSA has never been confirmed to have stopped a terrorist attack.  And that comes from Slate, the cheerleader for big government.

Some guy tries to blow up a plane with his shoes and 14 years later we’re still being tormented by incompetent government employees when trying to fly home for the holidays.

As bad as the TSA and the whole of post 9/11 security is, all the right thinking people was to unleash the same ignorant politicians, ham-fisted government stooges, and bureaucratic ineptitude against 100+ million US citizens and somehow expect positive results!?!  History and logic predicts the opposite, ceaseless harassment of law abiding gun owners and not one criminal shooting stopped.

Call me a pessimist, but I just don’t see the blue nitrile glove wearing the wad of airport fast-food, stuffed into a pair of poorly fitting, government issue polyester pants and sweater vest, who just took 5 minutes to figure out where my birth date is on my drivers license, getting down off his stool to put his life on the line to stop a mass shooting.  Ain’t gonna happen.

And so that’s the point right there.  The right thinking people can demand the government react the way it did after 9/11 and do something.  What will get done won’t make us any safer and only hassle those who aren’t going to do anything bad in the first place.  But hey, at least they’ll feel safer.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Making our points for us”
  1. I would also argue that it is clearly unconstitutional to force people to submit to a warrantless search solely based on their desire to use a means of private transportation.

    Airlines should do their own security and hell, I would fly on the ones that allow concealed carry (because when you need one a rare air marshall will not be on your plane).

  2. Another thought, there was no change in gun laws post school shootings which are almost universally gun free zones. How about we do change those stupid laws and allow CCW on all campuses and you will see school shootings reduced or mitigated. That is an intelligent change that addresses the issue rather than the security fantasy theater of putting up plastic signs and affixing decals on glass doors. Golly our opponents are morons.

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