What is the point of this?


Ted Cruz’s daughter is a teenage girl on the internet.

I’m about 99.9% sure she said this because she needs an interesting identity online because online culture is a toxic hellhole.

LGBTQ Nation punished this for two reasons.  To drive a wedge between Ted and his daughter, assuming that a Conservative Republican will disown his daughter over her non-traditional sexuality.  Also to send the groomers after his daughter.

These people are out to destroy the Cruz household because thats what they do.  They have always tried to turn the children against the parents.  This time they add sexual grooming to they tools of family destruction.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Marxist groomers try and fracture the Cruz household”
    1. I mean, he might need to find two matching wrist corsages for her prom in a few years instead of a corsage and boutonniere set… But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for President Cruz.

  1. Dick Cheney’s youngest daughter, Mary Cheney, has been in a relationship with her now wife since 1992. Dick Cheney not only didn’t disown his daughter, he attended their freakin’ wedding. This was decades before Obama or the Clintons “evolved” on gay rights, for the record.

    Progressives really have zero fucking clue on how conservatives feel about LGBT people. Yeah, sure, there’s a handful of assholes like Rick Santorum or (ironically) Liz Cheney, but the vast majority simply do not care about the issue (provided everyone involved is a consenting adult, naturally).

    When I was about the same age as Cruz’s daughter, I began to realize that I was sexual attracted to both sexes. I think it is a perfectly natural part of puberty… and I thank god that social media didn’t exist when I was a kid. The internet was in its fledgling days, just barely out of the Usenet and IRC era, so I was able to find supportive people behind the anonymity of a screen. These days? Ugh, I cannot begin to fathom…

  2. Here’s the test.

    Show her 100 pictures of random people. Ask her to point out the 10 she finds most attractive. Bet they are overwhelmingly male.

    Personal opinion. It is cool to be bi/genderfluid/whatever, so everyone who needs some pats on the backs will start wearing the team colors.

    1. Very few bisexuals have an 50/50 preference rate… and finding someone physically attractive is almost completely non-indicative about how you’d feel about being in a relationship with them.

        1. Oh, no doubt in my mind (especially living here in Portland) that significant swaths of the Millennial and older Generation Z kids have adopted divergent gender or sexual identities as a trendy fad.

  3. Further back, candidate Ronald Reagan’s son decided to attend a ballet school, and reporters pounced, sure they would be able to paint the GOP Presidential nominee as hateful and bigoted.
    I believe his response was akin to “Que sera sera.”
    He earned that “Teflon President” nickname before he even took office.

  4. Can’t help but wonder if this is due to Cruz pointedly asking the fibbies about Ray Epps. The left really hates being under the spotlight.

  5. For another bit of evidence about conservatives and non-traditional orientations, one can simply point to Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Sword.

  6. It’s projection because the hard Left believe that their enemies must be as bigoted and hateful as they are. It’s a variation of the “give gays guns and the gun nuts will freak” meme.

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