By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Massie and the based right in two memes”
  1. Gleen might want to reconsider if treason is “free speech”. The Squad is giving aid and support to a power that murdered and kidnapped US citizens.
    Massie is chiming in.

    1. Glenn is an Asajew Beard. He’s a Leftist who “as a Jew” provides cover for Leftist antisemites. Free speech means the government cannot punish you for saying something. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be criticized for saying something.

  2. Is Massie calling for women who disagree with him to be violently raped for their insolence?
    Then he’s automatically better than a monster like you.

  3. Israel doesn’t really need our money. It does need two things only the United States can provide.
    1. Access to replacement arms, ammunition, and parts.
    2. The United States to cover their diplomatic flanks in the UN, and with the world in general, especially the EU.
    I am amazed that Joe Biden has not demanded a Cease Fire and stopped Israel from going after Hamas in Gaza. The pressures from the Pro-Palestinian Progressives and the US State Department have to have been relentless. I was sure he of all people would have caved in by now. In that first week, he really looked wobbly.
    But! Look carefully. One place where there have been only pro-forma demands for a cease fire, but not fiery, all consuming demands for an immediate cease fire? The Arab World. KSA held an emergency session and nothing came out of it. No threats of embargoes, no threats of military action, nothing.
    Why? The Arab Leaders want peace, and they fear Iranian meddling with Hezbollah, Houthis, and Hamas.
    Arab Governments also remember Black September 1970, and who started the Lebanese Civil War in 1975. They remember who the Palestinians in Kuwait sided with in the First Iraq War, and who they sided with in Egypt ten years ago.

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