I had been mulling about getting some vaccinations  and after talking to a nurse with the insurance company, I headed for Wally World to get Flu, TDap and Shingles. Since I was in the pharmacy area, I did a quick check on the alcohol and found it all gone. Strangely, Peroxide was in full force. I did a quick run by the household cleaners and the bleach was also gone.

A couple or three weeks ago I was doing some cleaning with bleach outside and I ran out the regular bottled bleach. I am an addict and use it in anything that requires cleaning and can survive the use (nothing cleans the shower stall better than bleach, but open all windows) and it ticked me off to constantly run out of it.

So after some research I decided to make my own and bought me a pound of Calcium Hypochlorite in Ebay for $11.  Supposedly I cam make 400 gallons of cleaning solution or treat up to 10,000 gallons of water.

With the stock of alcohol and peroxide we already have, I figure we can stay disinfected without much problem.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

24 thoughts on “Maybe not panic, but some butt clenching is visible.”
  1. You can also buy it online on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BGNLUV8/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_8p-xEbFBQANWJ

    Pool shock. There is a paper out there which talks about making bleach from pool shock and then purifying water via the bleach you just made.

    If you are going to be purifying water for drinking, then you need to be careful that the pool shock you get doesn’t contain anything bad for you to drink. If you are using it to clean/sanitize, it is not as big of a deal.

  2. If you want scary, go search Amazon for hand sanitizer. You’ll find people selling a liter of hand sanitizer for $250. I found one listing selling 12 8oz containers for $3200+.

    We already had hand sanitizer, and somewhere we have a huge container and we use it to refill the little hand bottlers.

  3. Did Wally still have flu shots? Our local Walgreens already discontinued flu shots for the season.

  4. I’ve got a case of 16 quart bottles of 99% isopropyl alky on the way from Amazon. I use a quart or so a year for things like cleaning off solder flux, so laying in a supply seems to make sense.
    And, over the past couple of weeks, we’ve done many months worth of shopping for shelf-stable consumables (food and otherwise).
    The victory garden won’t start producing for quite some time (I’m not sure we’re done with frost here – Weather Underground is forecasting traces of snow in late March, forsooth). Stupid seasons!

  5. If you are an at risk individual (elderly, prone to respiratory infections, etc…) then I agree, an overabundance of caution is warranted. But, from what I can tell (IANAD warning), this disease is no where as scary as it is portrayed.

    Yes, a few folks in the Seattle area died from it. If I understand correctly, they were all at risk, and if they contracted the regular seasonal flu they might have died from it. On the other hand, one of the passengers quarantined on the Diamond Princess described the disease as a tightness in the chest and a few coughing fits a day. He said he would have gone to work had he not been diagnosed and treated on the ship.

    Keep your hands clean, disinfect occasionally, avoid groups when possible. Exactly what you should to avoid colds and flu.

    Stay safe out there, and do not let the panic overwhelm you. The stock market is not in the toilet, (S&P 500 “crashed” all the way back to the level it was in late Nov. 2019) and you have a higher chance of being killed because you have some evidence against the Clintons than because of this disease.

    1. I ain’t that young anymore and I am a former smoker so while not right in the middle of the Death pack, I am not a 15 year old virgin.

      1. Shame… I need a 15 year old virgin to complete the conjuring that I am working on for world domination.

        Stay safe there Miguel, take all appropriate precautions. Someone has to keep Mom’s orchids flourishing.

      2. Careful with that stuff Miguel, I had a plastic jug of it and about two years later the jug absolutely disintegrated in my hand. Turns out it kills plastic. If it falls into a moist or wet area(Florida) it creates toxic chlorine gas. In my case I had to have the local Volunteer Fire Department bring a Scott airpac and shovel it up. The fireman thought I was crazy untill he got a whiff without the mask and almost passed out.

  6. I’m not part of the at risk group. But I don’t like getting the flu. So going with a “just make sure I clean/sanitize my hands” is helpful.

    My lady is well known to panic when it comes to her kids. She has had three total knee replacements. While recovering from the third, our son made some off hand comment that we were out of milk. I told him that I’d be getting some more the next day. (He only drinks a 1/2 to 3/4 gallon per day). Before I could do more than say “You don’t need another 16oz glass of milk today” my lady was out the door, in pain, to get her son milk. So he wouldn’t go without.

    So we made a “shelf-stable” shopping trip last week. The big thing was to pick up things so that I could point to them and tell her “If you are told to stay home, there is no NEED to go out. We can go without milk for a couple of weeks.”

    She is that teacher that will bitch about all the students that come to school sick, but when she gets a cold or the flu, she’s “got” to go to work or else everybody will suffer. she just doesn’t get that her going to school and infecting everybody else is a bad thing.

  7. “…some butt clenching is visible.”

    Um, TMI? 😉

    The local ABC progtard newsies were all panicky this morning, almost yelling at people to hurry up and get your Purell from wherever it can be obtained.
    These idjits do the same crap during hurricanes. Far be it for them to be a source of calm information… they always have to do the if-it-bleeds-it-leads b.s.


  8. I went to one of my local grocery stores last night and there was only one bottle of isopropyl alcohol left. My mom made me take her to the dollar store so she could buy a bunch of Hallmark cards My mom made me take her to the dollar store so she could buy a bunch of Hallmark cards (she buys them in bulk so it’s cheaper) and there was this lady on the phone panicking about how they couldn’t find any hand sanitizer.Just absolutely freaking out and panicking. And most of their alcohol was gone too. I have half a gallon of isopropyl alcohol already so I just left there; someone else may need it more than me. However I have been stockpiling food and I also have noticed a general decrease in the amount of stock the grocery stores have. I’ve pretty much finished what I intended to stock up on including food and medical supplies and water no I’m just adding a little bit to it every few days.

    Right now it’s more practical to worry about human nature been getting infected. Because Humans in the end are emotionally driven illogical stupid animals and will behave as such when pushed.

  9. Hmmm, the delivery status on my case of 99% isopropyl has slipped from “today by 8 PM” to “anywhere from tomorrow to Saturday, we hope.”
    We shall see….

      1. Or (just a crazy thought) perhaps the truck had a flat tire, or the parcel-delivery system is just swamped at the moment. We did get the usual three deliveries (FedEx, USPS, UPS) today.

        1. Update, Thursday morning: seems the package spent all day yesterday enjoying the hospitality of FedEx in Pompano Beach. Maybe the truck couldn’t make the jump to lightspeed and run the blockade? I’m sure it’ll be on its way, just as soon as the hyperdrive is fixed.

        2. Update, Friday morning: the package spent all day Thursday in Nashville, enjoying the country-music scene and hoping to go viral. I hope after this it comes straight here, instead of stopping to visit Insty and taking a detour to visit the Great Smoky Mountains. (Amazon didn’t tell me the package would be hitchhiking all over the place; I assumed it would take the bus to Knoxville, and an Uber from there.)

        3. Update, Friday afternoon: the wayward package arrived in Knoxville in the wee hours of the morning, and, after a remarkably brief scolding on the subject of Going Straight To Its Announced Destination, was placed on the short bus and sent on its way. Arrived here just about 8 hours later.
          Now: does it work? I don’t seem to have a sample of SARS-CoV-2 handy. Lessee, what virus specimens do I have in the freezer? (Goes off to rummage.)

          1. LOL… Finally.. we are all happy your stuff finally made it.
            In old times, the box would have a bunch of stickers from all the places it visited.

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