We all died in 2020 and this is hell.


A food delivery app is here to help you eat so you can nice clean suits so that it’s less messy when ANOTHER MAN FUCKS YOU IN THE ASSHOLE!!!

That is the level of allyship that Postmates (which is owned by Uber) strives to.

I don’t use Postmates but will they call me a homophobe if I have hot wings and jalapeño poppers delivered?

How do they outdo this level of allyship for Pride 2023.

I guess they will bring you a buttsex friendly menu and have the driver fluff the top.

Dear God, send the fire and brimstone, San Francisco deserves it.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Meal delivery app helps you get f*cked in the ass”
  1. Lot’s dilemma. How many upstanding souls would The Creator require in a nation of +/- 330 million?

    Are there that many left, today?

    How’s the spiritual prep for the rain of brimstone, coming along, brothers?

  2. Funny, I don’t recall a major food delivery company marketing menus that explicitly were designed for “heteronormative” sex. So where is the perceived discrimination?

    That said:

    Oh no, food that is designed for better *n*l-sex.

    Honey, I’m ordering food tonight! My treat.

    1. This is of a kind with the fake hate crimes. If none exist, they must be manufactured to support the narrative. Likewise here, viewed through the right lens, anything can be *-phobic or *racist.
      Or, put it another way, absence of evidence – of any kind, pointing any way – is taken as proof of bigotry.

    2. It is discrimination because they want a homosexual menu, and no one had one yet.
      Or… something. Because we want to be in charge, that’s why!!!! It’s our month, let us have it!!
      Seriously. They just admitted that anything not specifically targeted at the LGBTQWERTY+ community is discriminatory.

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