Media sezs “We Be Not Lying Evah!”

You are gonna love this. Here is the header:

I am gonna call this Op Ed a nice piece if fantasy literature. . It has all the elements we all come to love: She worked in the Land of The Rednecks but she moved to there is safe and open-minded. But before moving, one night she was chase by evil doer rednecks and…

I blame TV where you see a crime show where the characters are holding Glocks and you can hear(loudly) the ghost safety being flipped.

It is OK Ms. Lavin. You work for the Media, our default position is not believing you. But you sure gave us a chuckle.

7 Replies to “Media sezs “We Be Not Lying Evah!””

  1. Getting a carry permit in Oakland, even in the ’80s? Glock with a manual Safety? Liberal Newspaper chick getting within 10 feet of a firearm?

    Yep,suspension of disbelief shattered, fake news.

  2. She’s ‘not a big fan of gun ownership’ but went through enough training to become a ‘safety instructor’ and ‘teach classes’?

    This is just elaborate fiction w/ a side order of attempting to make them ‘credentialed’ as “I’m a gun owner butt…”.

  3. If you read the article, the comment section is almost unanimous in calling BS on this story. What a shame, it was going so well until the “no background check” prevarication, she faltered with the “gun instructor” bit, and, for the Win — a Glock safety in 1991 (prior to aftermarket safeties, apparently). Finally, the dig at President Trump as “sort of” to blame for the recent newsroom shooting. Seems like she’s trying to … to …. what the hell IS she trying to do?

  4. One of the comments at the website notes that the “journalist” was fired from a previous job:

    “Turns out this idiot was fired from a previous paper she worked for due to an inappropriate relationship with a government official she was investigating. This story is patently false; a complete and total fabrication and her credibility is zero, as it has been for 20+ years.”

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