By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Meme from the Internet”
  1. The progressive left thinks of violence as a dial. They can slowly adjust it from angry marching, to throwing rocks, to fire bombing empty buildings, to city engulfing riots… Whatever their leadership needs, they can dial the mob to the right setting.

    The conservative right thinks of violence as a switch. On or off. “0” or “1.” Nothing at all or total warfare. Ghandi or Sherman.

    They will not be happy if we flip that switch.

  2. They won’t kick it. They’d rather just drop a nuclear weapon on it.

    The progressive leftist socialists ultimate goal is the permanent subjugation of all people and the extermination of all who oppose. Obey or die. Even if it means killing every single solitary person in the country that opposes them and then killing everyone that opposed the killing of everyone who opposed them performing that action. That would be a good 90+ percent of the population but progressive leftists don’t really care about human life and in fact view it as a parasitic infestation of the planet itself. Except them of course. So the ends justify the means even if it means kill 100 million or even 300 million people.

    1. I was racking my brain trying to remember who said it first. I thought it was Tam or Marko Kloos… But googling didn’t turn up anything. Obviously, because I should have been looking for something from the International Lord of Hate.

      But, he’s not a Real Author, so he doesn’t count.

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