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8 thoughts on “Momentous”
    1. I don’t want to brag (heh), but I posted it last March :

      “NASA had been talking about having the first “all woman space walk”, then cancelled it this Monday. It turns out they both wouldn’t appear in public wearing the same outfit.”

  1. For some reason I can’t get excited about an “all female space walk.”

    Are you qualified? Are you the best qualified? Can you do the mission?

    Ok, plan it, go do it.

    Oh, your an innie and not an outie? Why is that important? You are the best qualified for the mission.

    1. They had to be qualified to be astronauts. It just do happened that the two astronauts with the required skills for this EVA were women. But the media had to do a thing about it because… hence the sarcasm.

      1. Ok. I didn’t see the sarcasm. I couldn’t tell because I know you hang with the greats down there in the Huntsville area.

  2. It’s the eighth spacewalk this year.

    I mean, it feels kinda odd to use the word “routine” to describe it considering the whole they are in outer space! thing… But, yeah, this is a routine procedure for ISS personnel.

    It’s not a big deal, as far as I’m concerned. But that’s because I’m a woman-hating troglodyte who doesn’t see any reason to treat women unequally.

  3. I always like to apply a small test. In the story as reported, replace “female” by “male” and vice versa, and similarly “black” by “white” and vice versa. Does the story still feel comfortable? Probably not. If not, why is the original story ok?
    For an example, imagine a club of Members of Congress called the “Congressional White Caucus”.

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