Don’t want to mask or vax?  You get to lose your right to own a gun.

The thing is, the way the Left has been treating masks is fundamentally backwards from gun ownership.

The way we see it is, a mask protects me, a vaccine protects me, a gun protects me.  I use these to protect myself.

If I choose not to mask or get vaxxed why should it matter, because if they are masked and vaxxed I am only risking myself,  right?


The Left admits that want you to wear a mask to protect themselves from you.  They want you to get vaccinated to protect themselves from you.  Their masks and their vaccines don’t protect them, they are relying on you masking and vaxing to protect them.  This turns the entire idea of protection against disease on its head.

So you must actively protect them from you with a mask and vaccine or you will be denied the right to protect yourself with a gun.

If Robert feels this strongly about it, he can try and take guns from people not wearing masks himself.

And to all those readers who keep commenting “why pay attention to these internet randos saying this wackadoodle shit.”

Welcome to the new Left.  Some internet activist comes up with a wackadoodle shit idea.  It goes around Leftist social media.  It makes it way to someone like Cori Bush or AOC, where it gets turned into a Cause célèbre.  This pushes the Overton window and the racial Left of the party steers the Democrat leadership in that direction.

Don’t underestimate the way the Left is driven by a social media echo chamber.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “More reminders that they think those who are not Covidian Fundamentalists are second class citizens”
  1. WOW, the ballsy internet commando are coming out in force more and more lately.

    Guess what, this Pole is not going to participate in your experiment and surely not going to give up anything that helps protect my family.

  2. “And to all those readers who keep commenting “why pay attention to these internet randos saying this wackadoodle shit.””

    Pay attention.

    Social media will be the end of society. Randos saying whackadoodle shit before social media got zero traction. Their social bubble would tell them to shut up, or whatever, and the idea would die.

    Now, some rando on the internet will post whackadoodle idiocy on instatwitface and get tens of thousands of likes, along with a million forwards. Given that level of acceptance, they will assume they are correct, and start ignoring anyone who disagrees.

    And, yes. the Overton window lurches left.

  3. One small issue, the mask is NOT to protect you (unless you are wearing an n95 mask that has been properly fitted) the mask is to protect OTHER people. This has been stated numerous times since the beginning. There may repeat may be a very slight amount of protection for yourself from wearing a mask, but unless it is an n95 mask and property fitted it is pretty much useless to protect yourself. It is to protect others. Not 100% not a certainty but it helps a lot. I realize you do not wish to hear this but it is what it is. And no I do not like fauchi either nor do I believe a lot of what he says (he’s been caught on video admitting to lying to the American public on three different occasions) but many other researchers, positions and countries have found extremely hard evidence that masks do help in slowing the spread of covid.

    1. You don’t like what’s being spewed by fascists, but you post their lies as facts? Yeah, right.

    2. The cloth face diaper talismans are basically useless to protect others as well. Numerous studies have documented that the infection rates are actually slightly higher in areas with mask mandates than in areas without. The “well fitted N95 masks” aren’t much better. Assuming you can get a proper seal (not a trivial exercise for non-professionals) the exhaust valve is unfiltered. On inhalation, the mask only filters 95% of particles of 0.3 microns, the WuFlu virus is approximately 0.15 microns in size so more than 5% (probably 10% or more) of the airborne virus particles will pass right through an N95 Mask. But China Joe will do all he can to impose mask mandates on the country because “science.”

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