From Seattle, because of course it is.

You can literally go into a small business in Seattle, shoot up heroin, take a shit on the floor, grab whatever you want off the shelves, and walk out the door with it, and as long as you are wearing a mask it’s fine.

Try to go in as a paying customer without a mask and an employee will try to cave in your skull.

I’m pretty sure that getting hit with a bat has a higher mortality rate than COVID, but what do I know.  It’s for your safety.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “More utter mask insanty”
  1. “A report was filed with Seattle police and detectives said they are trying to sort out two very conflicting versions of what happened. Police said the employee they contacted claimed neither customer was wearing a mask. Dixon said he did have on a mask while inside, though in the video during the fight, Dixon is not wearing a mask.”

    And being Seattle, the cops apparently cannot process the idea that a wielded bat is a deadly weapon. SMH

    1. “And being Seattle, the cops apparently cannot process the idea that a wielded bat is a deadly weapon. SMH”

      That’s until the dbag with a bat comes after THEM popo’s. LOL

      Can’t speak for these cops or others people, but I see a dbag coming at me with a bat like that and said dbag will end up with several new bodily orifices.

  2. Going to be the odd man out here. I want to see the whole thing. Having had to eject many people from my workplaces, when an employee tells you to leave, you leave. It doesn’t matter if why they told you to leave is bunk, they are a representative of the owner of the property & they have every right to tell you to pound sand. If they have done something bad, you call their corporate, cops, or lawyer up.

    This place has fucking wood over their windows. Stupid things have happened here. Even so, I doubt dude had his bat in his hand the entire time unless there was a previous issue with these guys. I feel like there’s more going on.

    All this over the mask shit is silly, I agree completely, BUT they are fully within their rights to tell you to leave if you look at them funny. It is fully within their rights to tell someone they don’t want to deal with to GTFO.

    1. Agreed. The victim card is played far too often these days for me to not want to know the rest of the story before forming my opinion.

  3. Just your daily reminder that ‘democrat’ is a synonym for ‘grotesque subhuman monster.’

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