81 Million votes!!!

Even these fuckers can’t stand one another.

They still hate each other from the campaign when Kamala called Biden a racist and then Biden won the nomination after Kamala was forced to drop out before the first caucus.

The best part: these are only 11 months in.

They have three more years to fully implode into utter dysfunctional chaos.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Most popular Administration ever!!!”
  1. I think you’re giving Biden too much credit here. He has no clue who that strange, creepy person is, so he wants Doctorladywhatshername to switch seats while they wait for President Carter.

  2. As much as I’d love to watch this administration implode in dysfunctional chaos — Hell, I’d bring the popcorn! — the administration seems determined to drag the rest of us down with it.

    Standing aside and enjoying the show sounds great until you remember that we all have to deal with the fallout. 🙁

  3. She called him a racist abd said the claims of sexual misconduct/assault/impropriety against him are true and i think she actualk believes both. Obvously theh hat each other.

    The real disgusting thing is the naked display of politics where kamala has swallowed her pride to advance herself giving up the very moralality she was claiming to represent by makjng the claims she did.

    This more than anyone else should convince even the most ardent democrat whata joke everything is but wont.

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