By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Most popular presidential candidate ever, 81 Million votes!”
  1. I can’t believe that so many Americans are still supporting this moron in the White House! His approval rate should be zero.
    Too many stupid people still around!

  2. 81 Million votes from 45 million living voters.

    Seriously though. If there is anyone supporting this idiot, they are either rabidly anti-Trump/Republican or they are not paying attention. And, to be honest, I think it is more of the latter than the former. They know Biden is a democrat, and pretty much nothing else. And, because the headlines are all “Republicans are bad” they will say any democrat is doing a good job. That is all they know, or care to know. Headlines are supporting this administration, and they were critical of the last one, therefore, this administration is doing a good job.

    As to HI, and the other Dem strongholds, they would say anything with (D) following their name is doing a great job.

  3. Could you point to the source for this picture?
    Interesting that the lowest approval number is for WV. I suspect Joe Manchin is not happy with that. Second lowest is WY — say goodbye, Liz.

  4. Pkoning,
    I have a feeling a lot of the dislike for F. Joe Biden by West Virginia is because of the cheap shots and hate ginned up by F. Joe’s Democrat supporters against Manchin and Sinema both. Note how Senile Joe is deep underwater in Arizona too?
    I dislike Senators Joe and Kyrsten; and hate most of their political beliefs, but I respect them for standing up for principles. Too many Democrats and Republicans are spineless lickspittles that reflexively and unthinkingly vote Party Establishment not for their constituents or principles.

    1. edit that.
      not for any priciples other than personal enrichment and Party Establishment favor for re-election.
      I remember when the Republicans gleefully voted against ObamaCare a dozen times when they knew Obama would veto it, but refused to vote when President Trump was President. They never adjourned the US Senate to allow OrangeManBad to recess appoint his needed bureaucrat infighters. Did they give him “The Wall?” or Immigration Reform? Spineless Establishment Lickspittles.

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