They are pretty much a major media network that is little more than a Leftist, anti-White version of The Daily Stormer.

Radio Rwanda didn’t broadcast this much racism in the spring of 1994.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “MSNBC is the most racist outlet in the country”
  1. The really bad thing is that none of them realize why we have Thanksgiving at all. It was established by Lincoln during the War as a means to draw the people of the country (the Union) together. The bit about the Pilgrims came later.

  2. 90-95% of Americans, Black, White, Hispanic, Straight, Gay, Trans, Young, Old, North, South, Coastal, etc., just want to raise their families and live their lives in peace. They just want to watch their kids grow up, reminisce with their Parents, and make their lives better.

    These people want to spread hate and gather power to themselves. They welcome the riots, the disruption, the dead, the broke, the addicted, the homeless, the helpless. That is their “Power Base.” They literally would prefer “To Reign in Hell, than to Serve in Heaven.”

    I am now afraid the coming Civil War / Revolution is fated to occur. I stand by my prediction, it either ends at less than 10,000 dead, or it goes to 30-50 Million, and maybe 150 Million if nukes get used.

  3. I’m looking forward to my share of genocide-turkey with a side order of evil-overlord dressing.

    Seriously, there was no genocide, slavery, war, murder, rape, screwing people over, open heart surgery, deheadification or any other bad thing before whites showed up?


    Screw them. Screw them all.

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