He makes several great points.

A lot of the old 2nd Amendment warriors are continuing to get old, and wearing out. There aren’t the young people to replace them. Young gun owners have no idea just how bad it can get. Most of them don’t have the experience of having lived through the 1990s and early aughts. They were kids. They came into the issue around the time we were flying high. They don’t remember the assault weapons ban. It’s a theoretical threat to a lot of the young people.

I came late to the Gun Blog game as there were already several well-known bloggers doing great work. Now stop and realize that I have been up for 11 years which is considered to be 347 in Methuselah years.  I shouldn’t be blogging at all but retired and having another blog dedicate to camelias or how to bake the perfect snickerdoodle cookie.

We have been battling against another Assault Weapons Ban since its sunset 15 years ago. Add to that the 10 years prior it was up and running which were used to change the face of Congress and the Supreme Court.  During that time, Concealed Carry was advance from a few states to all 50 and from a handful of carriers to possibly over 20 million if we include Constitutional Carry.

So you are looking at people who have been involved in Gun Rights for over twenty years, advanced the cause as nobody could have expected it and rightfully needs a break but can’t have one because we have no takers (or very few) to carry the torch.  Most people do not want to break a sweat and confuse flash with substance and only if the flash is easy.  In Florida we have well-intentioned people wasting time in Open Carry Fishing Events when we should have a bus full of people ready to go to Tallahassee and fill the subcommittees’ meetings. Tallahassee is hard, the local fishing dock is easy and you get a cool YouTube video to post.

We are coming closer to a “I don’t give a fuck anymore” level of interest by the old generation. I am willing to bet that eventually it will become about keeping our weapons rather than everybody have their strong Second Amendment Rights. Once again we will be called traitors and Fudds because we did not serve them breakfast in bed with a side of Machine Guns and Silencers. The problem will be that the OGs won’t give a fuck anymore and will let them deal with the whole “it.” And since the refused the advice of those who came before them, they will have to learn from zero,  on their own on a steep curve and sweat like assholes.

There is nobody to leave minding the store too or even the range.

PS: Yes, this blog is lucky having J. Kb. How many other Gun Blogs can say the same?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Must Read: How Did We Get Here? by Sebastian.”
  1. I’m younger than jkb and I’m close to don’t give a fuck anymore because the nothing that has been done over the past 8 years of advocacy on my part or other gun rights groups has done fuck or all. My state is fucked could be totally engulfed in flames with zero tax return revenue the the legislature will still say I think we need a few more gun control laws even though they are relevant to nothing happening, let’s hand out some more money in entitlements to make sure every little super duper special niche protected class is covered and while we are at it let’s ignore our infrastructure.

    Imo my state is fucked and ain’t changing no matter what any gun owner or group of them do. Our best hope is to suposup legal battles in other states and in the supreme Court that will set precedent that will help us because the legislature ain’t gonna do anything freedom oriented.

  2. I’m way more worried about millennial attitudes towards socialism and the GOPe still wanting to stick it to trump voters. Universal background checks passed out of committee last week with the help of 5 Republican congressmen. The vote was 21-14, which means it ONLY passed because of the Republicans.

  3. I think you discount the veterans both young and old who have been the backbone of our nations defense. I work with them everyday and there is a strong sense of determination among them about the importance of the second amendment. Remember we have been at war now for 19 years and there are scores of young veterans who know what’s in store if we loose our gun rights. Our numbers are legion and we understand what is at stake. Domari Nolo “I Refuse to be Subjugated”.

  4. Its a battle on our side fer sure. I have tried to stress “I dont care what you have for firearms,what you do with them” We the People need to stop the keyboard commando sh/t and email and call our “leaders”. Tell them “no” plain and simple. Join ANY gun rights group and quit bad mouthin gun rights groups. Im glad I found this blog, you guys keep me sane…..sorta.

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