From Time Magazine:

From Chris Hayes:

If it is going to be a problem with Millennials not being able to get elected because of the potential for revenge porn blackmail, I’m going to be a shoe-in.

There are exactly zero pictures of my dick floating around out there.

Every day I am more glad that my digital Luddism seems to preemptively cover my ass from the latest shit trend.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “My Congressional run will be easy”
  1. Yep, hell, I think the last picture taken of me was using Kodachrome. Just tried searching for my “first name last name” on google image search, not on the first page at least. Unfortunately there are some serious losers fowling my good name. A couple doctors as well but more toothless meth-heads.

  2. It wasn’t the nudes. It was the fact that she was sexually harassing a staffer by using a quid pro quo method of compelling sex.

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