I’ve been busy as shit at work and have been suffering from rage burnout, so I’ve been a little absent from posting.

I read a thing recently about how Mike Judge may, again, be doing a King of the Hill update/sequel/reboot.

I love that show.  Hank Hill was the bast dad on TV until Bandit in Bluey, and Hank still holds a close second.

They haven’t released many details, so this, as a big fan, are some ideas I had, because why the fuck not.

I want to see it as a King of the Hill: The Next Generation.  Same characters, just 20 years later.

Hank is now a partner and co-owner of Strickland Propane, which is now Strickland & Hill Propane.  Hank has earned it.

Buck is still alive but in partial retirement on the gulf coast.  Hand runs the business but Buck occasionally sticks his nose in and Hank has to fix his mess.

Hanks is grandpa to Cotton Hill, Bobby’s son, and tries to be the same conservative influence on him.

Bobby is grown up.  He’s shown in several episodes to have a great skill with food and meat (the one where he takes Home Ec and makes Thanksgiving dinner, the Bill BBQ sauce episode, and the series finally where he does the beef judging), so I want him to go to culinary school and be a moderately successful chef and restaurant owner. He owns a small regional chain of BBQ and Steak places.

I think a fun arc will be him wanting to get back to his comedy roots and try to start a comedy club restaurant.

I don’t know if I want him married to Connie or not, that has potential to be stupid.  But I do want him married and learning that Hank’s brand of practical conservatism was good for Bobby, even though Bobby didn’t quite understand that at the time.

Peggy is still Peggy, just grandma Peggy now.

I want Luanne back, despite the death of Brittany Murphy.  I want her to be a professional Christian YouTuber with her manger baby series. She makes good money but she and Lucky piss it away as fast as they make it on dumb stuff, the way rednecks do when they win the Lottery.  Lucky’s antics with money could be a useful plot device for comedy, e.g., Lucky buys something dumb in a crackpot idea.

Dale is still Dale, perhaps even more Dale.  He’s a fool, he doesn’t need to change.

Bill is the biggest change. I want good things for Bill.

Bill is out of the Army, he’s too old anyway.  He lost a leg, not in combat but to diabetes.  He went through a period of serious depression but finally got better.  He now works for a veteran non-profit where he helps combat amputees with their emotional struggles.  Very much the “I’ve been there, I understand, I’ll help you through this.”  He still has a deep desire to serve.

I want Bill treated with respect but a one legged Bill can still be used for comedy.  I see Dale keep trying to come up with ways to uses Bill’s disability to his advantage, e.g., taking Bill to Six Flags with Joseph and his grandson to get to the front of the line.

The overall feel of the show would be able to stay the same.  Hank, and now Bobby too, trying to live honest, small town, lives in world that seems to be more and more going mad with petty absurdities.

Just a thought.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “My ideas for a King of the Hill update”
  1. Eh. I was never a big fan of the original.
    Now, if you want to make a pass at “Space: Above and Beyond”…? That I’d be interested in hearing about.

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