Neil Gorsuch better get a Secret Service detail ASAP

The Supreme Court decided Hawaii v. Trump today, 5-4 for Trump.

My non-lawyer understanding of the case is that the President has the right to decide that non-citizens, residing in foreign countries, can be denied entry into the US for security concerns.

In this case, the security concern is that six of the eight countries in question support a pernicious form of ideological driven violence, Islamic Terrorism.  The other two were Venezuela and North Korea.

This lead to this being dishonestly called a “Muslim Ban.”

Cue the freak out on the Left.

There are three Tweets I saw in response that I find very troubling when put together.

Put them together and you have this basic thought:

Trump stole a SCOTUS seat from Obama and gave it to Gorsuch.  Gorsuch had ruled in the majority against everything the Left loves in all but one case.  It’s time we stop being civil with Gorsuch.”

Given the current political situation and the fact that a SCOTUS Justice can have a career that spans decades (especially a young Justice like Gorsuch) I’m afraid that someone on the radical Left might get the idea to shift the balance of the court by pulling a “Scalise.”

I hate to think like this but I won’t underestimate the craziness of the Left anymore.

For the safety of our nation, Trump needs to get Gorsuch a Secret Service detail ASAP.




9 Replies to “Neil Gorsuch better get a Secret Service detail ASAP”

  1. Obama didn’t push hard on Garland because he figured the FBI would deliver the White House for Hillary. Elections have consequences.

    1. Yep – so much of the current anxiety emanating from the left was predicated on hillz ‘winning’ the election – but they got trumped (pun intended) and now they are scrambling like the maniacs they are to salvage whatever they can – and by any tactics that they can.

  2. Trump did not “steal” the SCOTUS seat by appointing Gorsuch.

    Obama had plenty of time to nominate any number of justices. He floated out Garland, and then ignored the Supreme Court.

    Now, the Senate did indicate they would not have confirmed any Obama nominee, but let’s be real here. The RINOs running Congress think that giving Obama everything he wanted without a fight was opposing him. They would have shot down Garland for show, then rubber stamped anyone that Obama nominated. If Obama had nominated himself, they probably would have OK’d it.

    That seat remained empty because of Obama, not the RINOs, or Trump. There was no stealing involved.

    1. No; Korematsu wasn’t at issue. The opinions did refer to it; Sotomayor claimed Trump was just like that “morally offensive” decision (or words to that effect). The majority had a similar statement about Korematsu while saying that Trump’s order was entirely different.
      So both sides denounced Korematsu; I’m still waiting for someone to point out that policy was created by the progressive icon FDR. *spit*

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