This guy is a PhD mathematician from Harvard:


I also have a STEM PhD and I know what he’s talking about re water and ethanol.

The addition of integer units and the thermodynamics of mixing are different topics.

He knows this.  I’m not going to waste time trying to logically explain why he’s wrong.

The point of this is to humiliate you and make you say an untruth.

Right now he’s doing it trying to appeal to you by convincing you that saying “2+2 doesn’t equal 4” makes you smarter and more sophisticated because of factors us rubes can’t comprehend.

All the wise and sophisticated people who went to Ivy League schools know that women can have penises and men can menstruate and get pregnant.  What sort of ignorant, knuckle-dragging untermenschen are you to think otherwise?

If that fails to work they will apply brute force.

The point is to break you.

Teach your children to recognize and reject this.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Never forget that the point is to humiliate you”
  1. and 1+1=3 if you ignore the divide by zero.

    Math isn’t imaginary, it is a language of description with rules of manipulation. Instead of moving that pile of rocks over here on top of this pile of rocks and counting them, you can just add the numbers represented by those piles and get the right answer.

    All of these games people play with “Poor PoC can’t handle math because…” followed by “And that is perfectly ok, because if you do this PhD level thought game you can easily see that PoC was right!”

    What it really means is that PoS can’t do math because PoS didn’t learn how to do math, either because PoS didn’t want to or because nobody bothered to teach him.

  2. They keep trying to make us think they’re smart by using arguements that a second grader being a smartass would make.

  3. So, this fellow’s reckoning not withstanding, you’re saying that 2 penises + 2 vaginas does NOT equal 4 vaginas?!? Not sure I can handle that much truth:)

  4. I give you 2 beakers with 2 cups of a clear fluid in each one.

    Then I have two beakers and 473.176 milliliters of clear liquid.

    You add them both to a big measuring cup and find that it’s actually less than 4 cups.

    Then I have one big measuring cup, two beakers, and the knowledge that you lied to me in step one in order to prove a stupid point.

    I can also proceed to do the maths in order to discover that I was given 236.588 g of water and 186.90452 g of ethanol. Therefore, when the liquids combined the resulting mixture took up less volume than mixing two amounts of like fluids… Because applied maths isn’t as cut and dry as elementary school level abstract maths.

    2 + 2 = 4, but only if you’re honestly adding 2 and 2.

    236.588 + 186.90452 ≠ 4

  5. Ah, Ish, AGAIN with the qualifications!

    “Our Betters” and “honesty” have a Venn Diagram that looks like two, widely separate, circles.

    Tony Fauxi, call your office!

  6. Anything IS possible in America now.

    Chicks with Dicks
    Guys with Ginas
    Child Junk cutting
    Pedo Politicians holding office
    NON-Bianary hahahahahaha. Whatever that is.
    Highly Contagious Wuflu is so dangerous we need Papers but…we can throw all the Bio-Hazard Masks any place we want.
    I have seen ZERO Bio-Hazard Trash Cans in public places. ZERO, especially,,, Federal Places. Lawsuits????
    Readin, Writin, Math, Science, who needs it. You done graduated Box of Rocks. Con-grats.
    Reperations, For What???? Its called Welfare !!! bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-aint a one Alive that had the Master or the Strap, for Real.
    I dont give a crud if they Feel like slaves…. or they have a genetic link to the strap. Think about that Level of Paychosis, a Genetic Link to A Strap?? Wtf?

    Hell !!!! we all are too The American Politician!!!!

    On and On and On and On……..

    So yeah….2+2= whatever the person wants it to words or numbers.
    Thats How Stupid they are. Get it ! ?
    History, is proving alot of…Intellectual Thoughts of the past eras….

    Quite Right.

    IQ can be contagious. Cause there are alot of them in power and or favor.

    Pay 100,000$ Plus to Lower Your kids IQ !!!!


  7. I mean, if one wants to pretend to be ‘sophisticated’ one can play with the binary systems or quantum numbers but this schmuck is just ‘look, mixing yellow paint with blue gives green, ergo 580+450=550!!!!’

    I can’t even…

    1. No, he’s a liar and a fraud. This much dishonesty cannot plausibly be explained as incompetence.

  8. General note-changing the value of a term in an expression invalidates the expression. Very popular when playing word games.

  9. It’s quite simple, really: 2+2=giraffe, for sufficiently fuchsia values of 2.
    … Dang. Now I’m trying to recall the names of some of those who were saying stuff along these lines back in the 1960s. They, at least, had the excuse of being out of their gourds on acid.

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