I saw this article online:

Deep Dive: New Jersey’s new ‘John Wick’ concealed-carry qualification test

That’s a heck of a headline, how bad is it.

After the U.S. Supreme Court issued its historic Bruen Decision, which obliterated most state restrictions on the public carrying of arms and changed forever how lower courts should decide Second Amendment-related challenges to anti-gun regulations, many blue states seemingly tried to outdo each other with the number of unconstitutional post-Bruen tantrum laws they could pass. At this, New Jersey certainly lead the way, especially for its residents seeking to carry a defensive firearm.

Obtaining a New Jersey permit to carry was never easy. It is not easy now. Instead, it remains an expensive multi-step nightmare specifically designed to make the process as difficult as possible for the applicant.

Now, not only must New Jersians bend a knee, pay a fee and beg permission from the Crown to buy back their constitutional rights, they must also pass a difficult shooting test that was designed for police, not civilians, to prove they’re capable of exercising their constitutional rights to the government’s satisfaction.

Last month, the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police in conjunction with the state’s Attorney General, issued new requirements titled “Use of Force Interim Training for Private Citizen Concealed Carry.” The document contains written material for in-person classroom training as well as the requirements for an arduous 50-round qualification course that every concealed-carry applicant must pass.

If there is one thing I know about cops in Blue states, it’s that they are totalitarian fascists.

If there are two things I know about cops in Blue states, it’s that they are totalitarian fascists and they can’t shoot for shit.

So if New Jersey civilians have to shoot as well as New Jersey cops, this can’t be all that difficult.

This is from the Use of Force Interim Training for Private Citizen Concealed Carry.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that us tougher than the Nebraska or Illinois CCW qualifications.  Illinois requires 50 rounds snd goes to 10 yards.  Nebraska requires 30 rounds, and only go out to 7 yards.  Neither require kneeling.  Illinois and Nebraska require drawing from a holster.

I absolutely agree that the New Jersey CCW requirement is much tougher than any other state requirement (so far).  I think it’s a valid argument to say that people defending themselves with a CCW gun rarely do it past five yards, and requiring 25 yard hits is well beyond what they might expect in a CCW situation.

The onerousness is probably unconstitutional.

But let’s be honest, for an experienced shooter, that’s not hard to do.

This was me at 25 yards with 30 rounds (two mags) with my P320 compact.


The center circle is eight inches in diameter.  That’s probably a 4×6 inch group.

A Q target is 12 inches wide by 26 inches tall.

This is a Q target overlaid on top of a B-27 for scale.


I bet every IDPA club in New Jersey would set this up as stages.

My point is: although this is tougher than other states, it’s not an impossibly difficult standard with training to achieve.

Yes, it should be made more reasonable for CCW, but don’t panic and say you have to be John Wick to pass it.  No New Jersey cop is John Wick.

There is part of me that wants to lean into this.

The anti-gun Left loves to say that civilians don’t have the gun experience of police.

That’s a load of bullshit, but, if civilians meet the same qualifications as the police then there is nothing the anti-guners can say within reason.

If I meet all the same standards as the police, I should be able to carry all the same places as the police, so nowhere in New Jersey should be a prohibited place that isn’t designated one by federal law.


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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “New Jersey CCW shoot requirements are stuipd (and probably unconstitutional) but not hard”
  1. My thought on this when I read it yesterday was, this is designed to discourage a large percentage of the public and to intimidate people from even attempting to obtain a license. And I would argue that in reality in NJ, there will be only two classes of people who conceal carry, one is better than average shooters and two, the criminal element of society. In the end, fewer people will be out in public to deter criminals from violent crime. More good, law-abiding citizens will become victims.

  2. My preferred carry is a 1911. I worry about the “Holster an uncocked weapon”. For me that would mean I would have to thumb back the hammer before I started a string. This is more than my training of flipping the safety off as my gun comes up
    Do NJ police carry Glocks? Are they carried decocked?
    Can I do it? Yes. Is it representative? No

    1. As a 1911 user I was going to mention “holster a decocked” handgun. To me that means thumb safety on and stuff it in the holster. Im not playing fuk around lowering the hammer to “decock” it. Stupid. Id say saw nj off and push it out to sea but it would probably drift this way…

  3. yeah I don’t see anywhere in the 2nd amendment that requires qualification to exercise the right. It’s not even worth arguing about whether it is ‘too hard to qualify’ or not.

  4. Relative of mine has an artificial leg and is missing most of his right arm. He’s also a damn fine shot w/ a revolver and regularly carries in his state. If the law doesn’t allow for accommodations, it’s already in violation of the ADA.

  5. YOu are correct it is not overly difficult but looking at the average person who applied for a conceal carry permit in recent years they were new shooters and this would stop them from carrying when they need to.

    I want everyone to get and maintain training I do not want it to be mandated.

  6. Aside from all the kneeling, I do not see the issue.
    Is it as simple as the qual I had to meet? No. Could the average person with more than a few hundred rounds do it with little to no difficulty? Barring physical impairments, yep.
    If there were different levels of carry, with different qualification requirements, I could support that. However, making the test so difficult a new shooter cannot pass it is just gun control in disguise.


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