This is a follow-up to my post New Jersey doesn’t want concealed carry because New Jersey roads suck.

There is an additional point in this section of the Curie County Prosecutor’s Association of New Jersey filed an amicus brief.

It’s in the second part of this screen grab.


New Jersey cops are trigger happy retards.

They can’t process that a driver has a concealed carry permit and is therefore a law abiding citizen and not likely to shoot the cop during a traffic stop.

Their 60 IQ brains only understand that “gun = threat” and will start shooting CCW permit holders.

Just like the canard that concealed carry will turn every fender bender into the gunfight at the OK Corral, the canard that cops will shoot concealed carriers not knowing if they are good guys or bad guys is frequently brought up although I can count on one hand (one finger) the number of times that’s actually happened.

Florida has issued over a million permits and I’ve never heard of a Florida cop blasting a CCW at a traffic stop.

I guess New Jersey cops are particularly stupid.

Given the anecdote about the NYPD officer elsewhere in the Curie County Prosecutor’s Association amicus brief, it very well may be that New Jersey and New York recruit from the same pool of violent retarded apes to make them cops.

“You can’t have concealed carry because our cops are morons with no self control” feels like a pretty unconstitutional admission from government employees, but they made it anyway.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “New Jersey doesn’t want concealed carry because New Jersey cops suck”
  1. Stupid, maybe.
    Arrogant, strongly suggested by all I’ve read.
    Secure in their own righteousness? Just ask Shaneen Allen.

  2. We should build a 20 foot high wall around new jersey and then fill it with water…and to think those that come up with “laws” are supposed to be SMART…

    1. That wall had to go around NYC and Albany too. Potentially including the entire states of Connecticut and Massachusetts as well.

    2. Among other locales for sure. I’ve said for a while now that I’m all for building a wall on the border . . . so long as we can include a good chunk of New England, Chicago, and most of SoCal.

  3. Per the gun control crowd, everyone who owns a gun is just one bad day away from being a mass murderer.
    Which is odd, because an airline pilot is only one bad day away from mass murder, and a pharmacist is only one bad day away, and a bus driver is only one bad day away, etc… etc… etc… But. the response is “these people are licensed, and other random justifications.”
    But, what if your pharmacist is also a gun owner???

  4. Like CBMTTek said, it’s just a variant of their typical projection. They know what THEY would do w/ guns so they assume that’s what everyone would do.

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