After the Bruen decision, pretty much all the may issue states freaked out and drafted laws that made shall issue so impossibly onerous as to make it worse than may issue.

New Jersey was one if those states.

The legislature made so many places in New Jersey “sensitive locations’ where concealed carry was prohibited, that it made the state effectively one big gun free zone.

The state is being sued, and the case is Koons v. Platkin.

The Curie County Prosecutor’s Association of New Jersey filed an amicus brief with the court to give their justification why citizens shouldn’t carry guns.

It’s a hoot.


The reason you shouldn’t be able to carry in New Jersey is that the Garden State’s roads and highways are congested dog shit and New Jersey drivers are insane assholes.

It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, once you experience New Jersey traffic, you’re going to start murdering other drivers because they are insufferable.

Case in point, this amazing anecdote.



How can you, ordinary citizen, be trusted with a gun on New Jersey public roads, when they are so bad, and the other drivers so terrible, that it drove one of New York’s finest into a gun waving rage monster?

You won’t be able to resist the temptation to start blasting other New Jerseyans once you have to deal with them in public.

“People can’t carry guns because everyone is an asshole and the roads are shit and they’ll kill each other on non-stop road rage incidents.”

To be fair, this is probably accurate, but I’m amazed that they would admit to it in court.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “New Jersey doesn’t want concealed carry because New Jersey roads suck”
  1. Without research I’ll initially state that I don’t think the reasoning here is true. It’s false. Both sources sighted are heavily anti-second amendment. Fact number one, law abiding people don’t break the law intentionally. They don’t initiate lawless behavior. Fact two, attempted murder is overwhelmingly committed by the criminal element of society, near 100% of the time.
    The reason places like NJ have a higher number of road rage shootings is simple, there are more criminals travelling on those roads than other areas. When the criminal element of society increases, so too does the crime rate. The source or cause sighted as the reason for attempted murder with a gun, is not the congested roads and a high percentage of bad, rude, aggressive drivers, who drive on them, but rather that there are more violent felons in that demographic—NJ Drivers.
    The claim is that road rage shootings are increasing, but I noticed nothing is said about the Identities of the shooters. Where they shooters without criminal history? Was the retired officer a bad cop? Of course, he was, I’m willing to bet his service record is full of very questionable incidents and anyone who knew the guy was not surprised when they learned which cops did the criminal act.
    Crime rates are increasing throughout the nation, so by NY reasoning, good law-abiding citizens must take the guns from law-abiding citizens for their own good, to keep them good.
    No number of laws ever stopped a criminal from using a gun, and no number of laws stopped a murder from murdering. Laws do not stop crime; they impose and enforce commensurable punishments after the fact. Nothing more. And a high percentage of first-degree murderers would not murder if they knew they’d be justifiably killed within thirty days by the legal system—a life for a life only in proven intentional murder cases.
    In 2007 NJ governor Jon Corzine signed a law repealing the death penalty. Now….first-degree murderers live under the care of humane activists, acting on their behalf with fairness. When you’re a lowlife with no morals, what’s not to like? Umm perhaps this is why NY has a noticeable increase in road rage shootings over the past six years.
    By this logic, too many cars should be reduced by laws. You know, like they have done with guns.

  2. Best argument nj has ever made for Cary restrictions!
    After visiting 25 states this summer, the only places people drove like shit were ct, NY, nj, and tx….

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