This is what happened in New York City:

Beating Jews in the street, cursing them, attacking them, and throwing firebombs at them.

The NYPD has virtually no presence there, I saw just one officer, and he was doing nothing to keep the peace.

It looks like Gaza in Manhattan.

It’s funny, I haven’t seen anything trending on Twitter about this.

The President hasn’t made a statement.ย  Neither has the governor or mayor of New York and New York City, respectively.

It’s almost like the institutions in power don’t care that Palestinians, Muslims, and Palestinian supporters are attacking Jews in the US.

Rapid inflation, devaluation of the currency, Jews being attacked and having their businesses firebombed while being egged on by Antisemitic politicians…

I remember this chapter from my European History books.ย  I don’t remember it ending well.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “New York City has its first Pogrom in 26 years”
  1. I have my doubts this will happen in the diamond district more than once or twice. Melee violence in the street is one thing, firebombing storefronts is another. Lot of highly valuable merchandise gets exchanged there, lot of physical security, lot of armed security in the back of those wholesalers.

    I have no inside info, but if I had to guess one or two of those owners are reaching out to their contacts in the NYPD and telling them, “Shut this shit down yesterday, before one of my ex-IDF guys dumps a mag on 47th st. for the cameras.”

    1. I want to believe, I really do. But I have the depressing thought that the response to such a demand will be ‘Please hold — and if you try to defend yourself, we’ll legally screw you, your employees, and your family.’

    2. They shut down NYC, killed the restaurant industry, then got bailed out by the federal government. What makes you think they will protect (mostly Orthodox) Jewish diamond merchants for a little bit of tax revenue?

      1. I think that only because some members of the orthodox community got caught up the NYC carry permit scandal for basically bribing the city to issue permits. My hunch is that someone in that district is very friendly with a NYPD captain or higher.

        Now that doesn’t mean NYC goverment will lift a finger to help. It’s also possible that these PLO wannabe assholes are trying to provoke just that sort of response from the diamond security staff to video record the result and make Jews look like monsters (wonder where they learned that?).

        At some point bullets are going to fly because the assaults will become indistinguishable from a diamond heist.

  2. As a born and raised New Yorker, I can say that very few if any of these Jews voted for Donald Trump, so FUCK them. They get what they deserve.. Wonder why I don’t see this shit happening to Schumer in Park Slope or his freak daughter..

  3. Hanlon’s razor applies to this as well. Never assume conspiracy when plain old stupidity will do. (Paraphrased).

    This is the inevitable result of social media running everyone’s lives. Some idiot tweets that Israel is killing innocent babies in Gaza, and everyone believes it because it got 1,000 likes and a bunch of re-tweeets.

    Next, a protest is organized, and some idiot decides it would be ‘epic’ if they marched through the center of Jewish neighborhoods. Anyone with half a brain can predict what would happen next.

    Everything else about this situation is contributing factors, but these “protests” are the product of an uninformed population who gets their information via social media.

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