I will give NYC Mayor Eric Adams credit for at least trying to do something about the crime killing his citizens.

‘This is gun that killed our young officer’: Adams vows to get ‘trigger pullers off streets’

Mayor Eric Adams on Monday unveiled plans to crack down on illegal guns like the one used to kill a rookie NYPD officer and critically injure another cop in Harlem last week — while displaying photos of the illegal murder weapon.

During his speech, Adams, a former NYPD captain, vowed to “get the guns” out of criminals’ hands, saying, “I know how to do this.”

Adams said the NYPD would start by focusing on the 30 police precincts where 80 percent of the city’s violence takes place.

Teams will be deployed to the 20 most dangerous neighborhoods during the next three weeks, he said.

“We will have boots on the ground, on every block in this city,” Adams said during a speech in City Hall.

The initiative includes rolling out undercover police “Neighborhood Safety Teams” — first reported by The Post — whose members will travel in unmarked vehicles and will wear street clothes but will also be easily “identifiable” as cops, Adams said.

Adams also plans to increase the staffing for the NYPD’s Gun Violence Suppression Division, a unit of detectives responsible for seizing illegal firearms and building cases against traffickers and sellers, according to a 15-page “blueprint” released by City Hall.

Actual boots on the ground policing, in the precincts where the crime is happening, and going after the recidivist criminals who cause the crime.

What a novel- and effective – concept.

Too bad…

Leading lawmakers reject Eric Adams’ legislative proposals to stem shootings in NYC

New York’s legislative leaders all but declared Mayor Adams’ plan to amend the state’s controversial bail-reform laws dead on arrival Tuesday — even as a top court official said judges largely agreed with his desire to let them lock up potentially dangerous defendants.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-The Bronx) also said they opposed Adams’ efforts to roll back the Raise the Age law so gun-toting teens can be prosecuted in criminal court.

Stewart-Cousins also said that giving judges more discretion in setting or denying bail would disproportionately affect “black and brown and poor defendants.”

So New York will do nothing to fix New York.


Fuck ’em.

Just wall it off so none of them can escape.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “New York City has Woke itself to death, seal it off now”
  1. I love how these morons say laws would “disportionatly affect” blacks and hispanics…. MAYBE if these people wernt criminals it would stop affecting them…

  2. They are going to pursue the shooter. Right up until they tally the victim points the shooter has, and if it breaks the arbitrary threshold, they will memory hole the entire incident.

  3. Wow, that sounds like Adams is going to reconstitute the NYPD Tactical teams that Werner Wilhelm DeBlasio so damned sanctimoniously disbanded?

    I seem to remember some knowledgeable but obviously Racisty, Hateful, Homophobic People were very upset about that decision, saying crimes, including shootings and murders would go up, and all the Elite Progressive Experts like Deblasio said that was a lie by Racisty Hateful Transphobic Wypipo. Of course those Rich, Liberal Progressive Elite mostly live in safe Upper Manhattan addresses. When they start getting jacked, shot and killed in Upper Manhattan, watch their tune change.

  4. If you are not familiar with Louis rossman look him up. He mostly covers repairing electronics and is a large right to repair advocate/player, but he is/was a NYC resident and bussiness owner and makes a lot of videos about how the pandemic was handled poorly in NYC, the decline of the city, and the seemingly uncaring government. All real video evidence of trash piling up, outside made inside for restaurants, dealing with the NYC gov etc.

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