These city employees think Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate is pure garbage — and they should know!

Sanitation workers outraged over the order to get inoculated against COVID-19 are letting trash pile up across Staten Island and in parts of Brooklyn — and the head of their union said Wednesday that he’s on their side.

The protesting workers are engaging in a rule-book slowdown that includes returning to their garages for things like gloves or gas so collections don’t get finished, sources said.

A neighbor who identified herself as Julie added, “What the city is doing is unfair.”
“I am coming from Russian federation and this is deja vu,” she said.
“People should not be forced by state to take medicine, because state says, ‘Do this or starve!’ They should be free. That is why I came here 20 years ago.”

Trash is piling up in NYC and sanitation workers blame de Blasio’s vaccine mandate

And while they are about to fire people left and right in states belonging to the COVIDreich, Florida is singing a different tune:


I still believe he won’t run for President just yet, but then again another year of Pederast In Chief may drive the country deeper in economic and societal disarray to the point he may have to step up to the plate.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “New York City’s vaccine mandate is a pile of trash”
  1. Gee, 44.5% of the jobs added in the country. Not bad at all.

    I don’t think DeSantis will run because the vibe will be him versus Trump and he sees that as a bad place to be.

  2. Not enough of this is happening, in my opinion.

    The “government” is requiring you to mask up, inject, and close down your business because of this panicdemic, but outright ignores the science. Oh, and the laugh is they say you are the anti-science one.

    What is obvious from CDC numbers is that deaths are running well below 1%, the overwhelming majority of which are elderly or already sick. Not to be flippant, but if you are young, and in overall good health, you are not in danger of dying from this virus.

    Add to that the vaccine does not stop the spread. In fact, because it reduces your symptoms to low or undetectable levels, those who are vaccinated are more likely to spread the virus.

    There are valid treatments that the government is outright banning.

    And, this all falls on deaf ears.

    The only thing they will listen to is a city full of garbage. And, we need more of that.

  3. I remember a garbage strike in the nearby major city when I was growing up. It rapidly became … unpleasant … for the residents, and the city administrators.

    In that case it was an argument over pay. (I was around 10 years old so didn’t really get the subtleties.) This is a more fundamental level of disagreement.

  4. If you are about to get fired for not being vaccinated?

    Use up all that sick time. It isn’t like you can take it with you.when the b@st@rds fire you. Repay their disloyalty in kind.

  5. Smart Companies would be out front saying we do not want any of our [b] “Valuable and Loyal Employees” [/b] to be forced out over this vaccine mandate.

    That they are not tells you just how little most managers and most companies respect their employees, despite the platitudes in their employee manuals, vision statements, and web sites.

    [i]”We encourage everyone to get vaccinated, however if you cannot get vaxxed due to medical reasons, here is the process. If you have religious or moral reasons, here is the process. Ms. X and Mr. Y from HR will assist you in navigating these processes. Please understand that if you are not vaccinated, you may be subjected regular COVID testing, and all employees may have to put up with reasonable job accomodations. We ask that everyone be patient and respectful of all of your fellow employees.”[/i]

    Stupid and power obsessive managers are looking at using this as a power play to crush employees and pit them against each other. Instead they should be using this challenge as a way to unify their companies.

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