It turns out that criminal recidivism is not the worst aspect of New York’s criminal justice reform.

Catch and release of violent criminals so they assault people every day on New York City’s streets or letting rape suspects go unmonitored is mild in comparison to this horror.

New York man attacked by MS-13, who was set to testify against them, found dead

A New York man willing to testify against MS-13 members who attacked him in 2018 was found dead earlier this week after his identity was disclosed to defendants’ attorneys in pre-trial proceedings, police say.

The bludgeoned body of 36-year-old Wilmer Maldonado Rodriguez was found Sunday outside an abandoned home in New Cassel, the Nassau County Police Department announced Wednesday. Investigators said Rodriguez in October 2018 came to the defense of two boys who were being threatened by the gang — only to be beaten with a bat and stabbed, according to Newsday.

Singas says prosecutors tried to keep Rodriguez’s identity secret by obtaining a protective order in December 2018.

But last December, ahead of looming changes to New York’s criminal justice system, including reforming the pre-trial discovery phase – during which prosecutors reveal evidence to the defense for preparation – the judge in the case issued a new order.

It allowed “for the disclosure of the protected information to defense counsel,” Newsday reports. The judge’s order, it added, required attorneys for two defendants not to reveal Rodriguez’ s name to their clients until the trial’s start date of Jan. 6.

So a man who was going to testify against to assailants had his personal information given to the people he was going to testify against, and he ends up dead.

Who didn’t see that coming?

That is such an obvious outcome that I can only believe that is what the Democrats who passed this bail reform law want.

They want zero enforcement of the law.

They have turned “snitches get stitches” into actual legal policy.

Take this hypothetical:

A man violently rapes a woman.  He is arrested but is let go without bail.  The name and address of his victim are given to him in pre-trial.  He murders her to keep her from testifying.

Why should a woman in New York even report her rape to the police?  Her rapist won’t be held behind bars and her private information will be given to him as he prepares for trial.  This woman is just putting her life at risk for no good reason.

If her rapist is an illegal immigrant, New York City being a sanctuary city, will most likely plead him down to a minimum if they punish him at all, so they would be under no obligation under federal law to hand him over to ICE for deportation.

And New York City still has no concealed carry so the people cannot defend themselves.

I cannot understand why a political party would deliberately turn an American state into a caged hunt for criminals to prey on law-abiding citizens, but that is what they’ve done.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “New York Democrats are guilty of conspiring to murder a witness”
  1. Blue Bloods, Season 10, Episode 3: Reckless. It was aired in January 31st of this year and it dealt with precisely this scenario. To their credit, the blame was laid gently on the stupid law and basically admitted the prosecution have their hands tied fearing more to come.

  2. The defense lawyers were not supposed to inform their clients about the witness ID until the trial had started.

    Everyone knows those highly ethical officers of the court would never, ever violate their canons. Especially the noble lawyers that regularly take on the tasks of fighting for the rights of the underprivileged and the wrongly accused.

    Just like Defense Attorney Lynne Stewart never abused her confidential attorney access to the Blind Sheik and passed secret messages to his followers from the imprisoned terrorist.


    Not all lawyers are unethical, but the 90% that are unethical make the rest look bad. Where to start?. How about every one of the partisan and corrupt lawyers that Mueller had hired? Anyone that hires a known corrupt and unethical lawyer like Weissman deserves all the contempt we can muster. A man that had his persecutions overturned by the US Supreme Court 9-0 unanimously. This was the unbiased finder of truth they used to investigate a President?

    Example #2, Van Grack, that knowingly and illegally accessed Trump’s client privileged materials and then lied to the court and defense counsel about it? The same persecuting attorney that still refuses to turn over exculpatory Brady materials like the original record of the FBI Form 302 interview of Lt. General Flynn to the court and his defense attorney?

  3. Official Uniform Crime Report (UCR) crime rates aren’t based on actual crimes, but on reported crimes. If nobody reports a crime, the crime rate drops. The problem is solved! Those Democrats think of everything!

  4. When this kind of thing fully sinks into the minds of the Prospective Victim Community, I’ll expect the authorities to become shocked when criminals begin assuming room temperature well before the trial is even scheduled.

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