By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “New York Tough is just a euphemism for stupid”
  1. If New York were still New Amsterdam it might have subways that stay dry in spite of being below sea level. 🙂

  2. My wife and I were looking at the forecast for Elsa going that way today and were joking it would wash all the turds into the Hudson River. Never thought about filling the subway system.

    Since they get tropical systems every few years, I would think they’d have some serious pumping stations to keep the system dry. It takes a special kind of idiot to not keep that running. Like Comrade DeBlasio.

    1. They do have some serious pumping stations to keep the system dry. What they do not have is a budget to perform the maintenance and repair of those systems. Well… actually the budget is generally sent elsewhere on pet projects.

      So, NYC gets all excited when a big storm blows in. They can declare a disaster, and have the Feds pay to put a new system in place. That of course will be ignored, and by the time the 2nd or 3rd big storm blows through it will no longer function.

  3. Third rail?

    If no volts (and no third rail threat), subway no go whoosh.

    Either way, wtf would you step into that melange of pathogens and industrial waste?

    1. Third rail is live. See the train moving in the background? So, yeah. Never mind the hepatitis, why isn’t everyone in the vicinity electrocuted?

  4. What possible destination could you have to reach by subway that couldn’t be reached by bus, taxi, or just walking that would make wading into that ”water” something you would even consider, let alone actually do!?

    That woman has probably been so warped by NYC loving that her thought process probably went something like “Well, there ain’t no signage from the government sayin’ I shouldn’t continue to ride the subway like normal. So it must be safe.”

    1. That’s what I’m wondering. Even if it was currently pouring out I’d rather get rained on then trudge through whatever is in there. Just getting your shoes soaked in that would ruin them (for me at least), never mind the rest of my clothes and belongings. These people are nuts.

  5. Third rail hell, where’s the minor tsunami from the train plowing through all that toxic waste?

  6. The flood did not make it to the train tracks. This is one of I do not know how many stations where there floor is at an incline. The flood is probably waste deep at the stairs, but the platform is likely dry.

    Happens all over NYC. Train lines get rebuilt, or re-routed over the years, and instead of putting in new stairs to the other platforms/station, they just slope the floor.

  7. There is a mad comment eater at work on this blog. Is that the Akismet thing? Does it work by allowing a comment to be posted at first and then have it yanked shortly after?
    I posted a comment on this article in the morning (before any of the others), to the effect that if New York were still New Amsterdam this sort of thing would not be a problem.

    1. FWIW, that’s what’s been happening with mine. Your NA post has apparently reappeared in the right spot, as mine occasionally have.

  8. At what point do you look at that mess, walk back up the stairs and call an uber or cab?

    No way in hell I’m wading through that crap to go anywhere.

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