Gang members are caught smuggling $100 worth of KFC into locked-down Auckland as residents struggle without fast food for almost five weeks

Two takeaway food fans have been nabbed as they tried to cross the border into locked-down Auckland with $100,000 in cash and a car boot full of KFC.

While restrictions in the rest of New Zealand were eased at the start of September, Auckland remains under strict stage four lockdown, which includes fast food outlets being closed.

Officers searched the car, which had been driven from Hamilton – an hour-and-a-half away – and found the substantial amount of cash and the boot packed with takeaway bags of the Colonel’s finest recipe.

‘The vehicle was searched and police located the cash, alongside empty ounce bags and a large amount of takeaways,’ police said.

This is what tyranny looks like, people going to jail over fried chicken from 75 miles away.

New Zealand is now a South Park episode in real life.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “New Zealand has gone insane or how f**king with supply and demand creates black markets – Update”
    1. Ok, it’s also worth considering that though New Zealand passed a law outlawing these rifles and demanding they be turned in, the government there was in the predicament of not knowing who possessed what. I do remember there was an utterly hilarious guerrilla movement over on Arf dot com to flood the New Zealand surrender/registration website with fake submissions; it worked, the system got all jammed up.

      Where am I going with this? It stands to reason that many of these guns are still out there, hidden, and not being used at this time. Not to single you out here but I see the claim that places have “given up their guns” or “had them confiscated” but that’s not entirely accurate. Australia is another one. Prior to the confiscation efforts when the totalitarian laws were passed there, it’s estimated that there were between 1.5 – 2 million guns that were now subject to the new rules. The “buyback” netted roughly 600,000. Many guns are still out there. As I said before, they are not being used, yet.

      I live in New York. People have claimed we have “given up our guns”. It’s baffling. The guns laws are atrocious, yes, but the registration of rifles was a dismal failure and AR-15’s can still be easily purchased at stores (and don’t require registration) or built from lower receivers here. There are a great deal more AR-15’s in circulation in New York now than before the SAFE Act was passed. Passing laws and sabre rattling doesn’t make firearms disappear.

      1. This is why we must fight all efforts at a mandatory gun registry. Once they know who has what the next logical step is confiscation.

  1. This is the lamest possible plot for a dystopian novel ever… and we’re living it.

    Hopefully, the People’s Liberation Army will remember to wear masks and stay two meters apart from each other when they invade.

  2. Is this classic (pre-Pepsi foods) Kentucky Fried Chicken, or modern cost-cutting KFC? `Need to know to decide if it was worth it.

    1. The report said “$100 worth of KFC”, but that’s probably the menu price.

      Street value for people who want it but can’t otherwise get it? Who knows? 5 times menu price? 10?

      Supply and demand: whatever someone is willing to pay, that’s what it’s worth.

    1. Freshman and sophomore years in high school, we were allowed to leave school campus to get lunch — small, town, ’80s, everyone knew everyone — but junior high kids weren’t. So we would buy candy, bring it back, and sell it to the junior high kids. One of my friends would always be the last seller, and get kids into bidding wars…

  3. Sooo, in the 2021 Mad Max universe, it’s not gasoline being fought over it’s 13 herbs and spices.

    1. Someone published the Secret Recipe. It is somewhere on the internet. The most plentiful ingredient? White Pepper.

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