My wife cued me in this morning to the fact that a Holocaust denier and White Supremacist is running for Illinois 3rd District.

Arthur Jones, a 70-year-old retired insurance agent and perennial losing candidate in races in Illinois and Wisconsin dating back to the 1970s, was the only person to qualify for the Republican primary in the heavily-Democratic 3rd District.

Let me tell you about the Illinois 3rd District.  It’s been Democrat since 1975, and the Democrats have won 24 of the last 25 elections in that district.

It is mostly in Cook County, but spreads a little into DuPage County as well.  It is part of the Chicago Machine.  Democrats own it.  It is one of their vote plantations.

Republicans don’t run there because it’s not worth the money to run there.  They will lose and it will cost them.

It’s this reason that Jones is going to be the Republican candidate in the upcoming election.  He’s unopposed in the Republican primary.  The rest of the Illinois GOP is denouncing him as loud as they can.

All this old fart is doing is making the GOP in Chicago look bad.  If I were more conspiratorially minded I’d believe that the Chicago Machine is actually backing him just to use him to beat up on the GOP.

Hey, look at the Nazi the Republicans are running.”

Even through they are not.

This does not worry me.  But it must be said.


Now over to Norway.

There are few things the Far Left hates more than the Jews.

The leader of the Red Party in the Norwegian Parliament, Bjornar Moxnes, on Friday nominated the international BDS movement for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Yep, the viciously anti-Semitic  Boycott, Divest, and Sanction campaign has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian radical left wing Communist.

This frightens me.

Yes, the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke.  Obama got it for not being Bush.  Al Gore got it for making a shitty movie.  Yasser Arafat got it for not agreeing to peace with Israel.  But this time it the nomination is going to a group with the stated purpose of ending Israel.

Of course it doesn’t take much to get a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

However, a whole bunch of Noel Prize Winners in other categories (where something has to be accomplished to be awarded it) have signed a formal denouncement of BDS.

If the Nobel Prize wants to maintain any legitimacy, awarding a prize to a group many Nobel Laureates denounce is a good way not to do that.

If the Nobel Committee does give BDS the Nobel Prize, I really want Trump do to his worst to Norway.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “News for the Jews”
  1. The weird thing is, no one is at all concerned about the anti-Semites and racial supremacists running as Democrats.

  2. Why can’t the Il Repubs not run a candidate in that district and make this moron run as an independent?

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