No amount of Tap-rack is going to fix this malfunction.

Just saw this video in a Facebook channel. Chilean police chased armed robberies and the Body Cam of one of the officers not only records the capture but his weapon malfunctioning over and over.

At first I thought the malfunction had something to do with the cop trying to use the gun (Beretta 92) to break the window of the car (0:06), but after I saw him rack the slide a couple of times and not seeing ammo come out, I went as much frame by frame as I could till I saw this (0:18).

Chilean Cop Empty Beretta
That did not look right, so I went to the safe and pulled my old Beretta clone, the Taurus PT-92. I unloaded & cleared, then locked the slide back and inserted a loaded mag and then an unloaded mag:

Chilean Cop Empty Beretta 2

The angle on my pics is shallower, but still you can see there is a small problem there. If I were of a suspicious attitude, I would be inclined to say that the officer was carrying an unloaded firearm.


4 Replies to “No amount of Tap-rack is going to fix this malfunction.”

  1. Mag fell out because of the motorcycle gloves ?

    Carrying on an empty chamber (with a modern handgun and holster) strikes me as a little odd/stupid.

    Carrying with no mag at all ??!!

  2. I have heard in countries where gun ownership is restricted, it’s not uncommon for those who have guns (police, military) to sell off their issued ammo on the black market. I wonder if this officer forgot to get new ammo after cashing his old stuff out.

  3. While I could lean toward the simple’no ammo’, I’ve seen a number of older 92 mags fail in a way that resembles this. Older mags that weren’t cleaned and had OLD springs basically just stayed down due to a combination of having weakened and a lot of build-up on the inside. Had a couple times where those who ended up on autopilot loading multiple mags stopped too soon due to resistance, and the last round stayed too low. When they tried to use them during practice or qualification, they’d run through the same set of troubleshooting until they’d just drop the mag and use another.

    They didn’t finally clean the things until they started having multiple issues a week.

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