No to a US Military intervention in Venezuela, not even a JDAM.

Temp Venezuelan President Guaido and Senator  Marco Rubio are making the appropriate hawkish noises and waving the spect0er of the US Military to dislodge Maduro from power.

No. Simply and resolutely a big fat no to sending one US soldier to Venezuela.

Here is the thing: We would be removing Maduro, his minions and probably get some people killed which more likely include Cubans and some  Russians if the latest strategic gossip is right.   We would not be removing the basic issue: Socialism.

Most people in Venezuela hate Maduro, of that we are certain. But I have been perusing internet location where Venezuelans from inside the country and even here in the US gather and once again the majority only want Maduro removed and go back to the goodness of a Chavez-like government.  They want Socialism or better yet, the impossible promises that Socialism made and were never fulfilled: Free food, free healthcare, free housing, free everything. And they have no problem mocking the gringos and how stupid they are because they elected Donald Trump who is even more stupid. I am not surprised, I know of Venezuelans here favoring Bernie, Beto and Occasional-Cortex.

Of course that will not happen as Chavez rode a top of high oil prices which helped him bullshit his way to the top of the hearts of people.  And he still was running an infrastructure built before he took over and was halfway decent and in operation with an oil industry that was one of the best in the world. But he managed to screw up PDVSA (The country’s oil company) and never bothered to use the oil monies to do basic maintenance to anything. Billions of dollars ended up in the hands of his people in accounts all over the world when they were not buying real state and business in then hated Empire of the US. The collapse is so great that we can say Socialism is a time machine because Venezuela is now almost at the same level it was in 1945 in healthcare, roads and electrical systems and doing worse in food supplies.

And why should we send US troops to Venezuela when even Venezuelans do not have the balls to fight their government? I am sure that you have heard about the atrocities of the government goons but, how many cops and troops have died? Wounded? Had their feelings hurt by harsh language? ZERO. The default position of the Venezuelans regarding their freedom is “Let somebody else take the risks, call me when it is done. I expect cold beer.”

And after Maduro is removed, then what? There will be the voices out there demanding reparations and the ones that say we need to help them rebuild. Let me make it as simple as possible: US taxpayers’ money will be directed to maintain Socialism in Venezuela. And worse, they will not even bother to thank you, only make fun of you.

Venezuela does have a use: To show our fellow Americans enamored with Socialism, how does it really work. Let’s the collapse of Venezuela as a useful example of what happened when the pied piper of Red Hamlin wins and then reality strikes. Show them what will they get with “free healthcare” and how much food they can get when the means of production and distribution are tightly in the hands of  Socialists.  Venezuela’s contribution to the 21st Century has to be an object lesson on the reality of Socialism and that elections have consequences. Let us not forget that both Chavez and Maduro arrived to power via democratic elections and without the “pest” of the Electoral College.



5 Replies to “No to a US Military intervention in Venezuela, not even a JDAM.”

    1. Yes, that is the biggest concern.
      Then again, if a bunch of Cuban and Russian soldiers (or “little green men”) were killed in this revolution, that would be a Very Good Thing.

  1. You forget the Chinese who support the current goverment because of the predatory loans they gave the Venezuelan goverment in hopes of seizing their oil infrastructure when Venezuela cant make the payments. China is supporting the old reign out of fear the new one will rethink their relationship with china.

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