What is this idiot talking about?


Armed? Violent? No sweet cheeks, that was a bunch of rowdy folks crashing in a party. And you looks and sound specially stupid by calling it a coup attempt against the United States when coups are directed against people in position of power, not against a whole country.

Whenever I hear idiots like this, I wish I could send his exaggerating ass to a Third World country in the midst of a real political shitstorm and just let them degust the aroma of rotting corpses piling up in streets mixed with the smell of burn propellant and  edifications in cinders while wondering if he was going to be sliced and diced by a machete-wielding mob or just plain shot by a military patrol for breaking curfew or just looking that stupid.

But then again this is the crowd that considers and unbearable hardship and develop PTSD if their Uber taking more than 15 minutes to arrive or that the barista addressed them with the wrong pronoun.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “No, you have not seen it, nor you want to see it.”
  1. I was hoping to see an explanation for that bizarre banner at the bottom of the screen, but no such luck. Does anyone have any idea what that is all about?

    As for “armed” insurrection, they keep using that lie, even though the only ones known to be armed were the authorities, and the only shot fired was the one that killed an unarmed protester. But since the was white and (presumably) a Republican, she doesn’t count for these people

  2. Pure gaslighting, “the big lie” — if they tell each other there was an actual armed attempt to “overthrow the government”, then they’ll all “know” it happened.

    The actual facts are not relevant to the leftists.

    1. I motherfucking hate how the media has adopted the Gobbles phrase “big lie” to cover election day fuckery, that they completely admit to.

      Such casual Jew hatred. It makes my blood boil.

  3. These people have no idea what violence is.

    They have never seen it.

    For them, violence is a caterwauling feminist in a pussy hat.

    They can’t conceptualize death squads, stacked bodies, and walls full of bullet holes.

    1. For a person who has never seen $1,000 in cash, conceptualizing $1 million is hard, $1 billion is impossible, and $1 trillion is a fantasy (read: fake news).

      Bottom line: Visualizing orders of magnitude is hard.

      They think mean words are violence. (They also think silence is violence.) They think a white man walking down the street is a “microaggression”, which is violence.

      They don’t know what real violence is. In that, they are like ants trying to conceptualize a skyscraper. The concept of real violence — the kind in which another person is actively trying to physically hurt or kill you — flies so far over their heads, they can’t make out the vapor trail.

      When I was a kid, I believed I could fight off home invaders with a slingshot and sticks sharpened into “swords”. As I grew up I realized that was ridiculous, and so I trained real hand-to-hand combat, invested in knives, and got my CCW permit, to prepare for the possibility of real violence.

      The “Progressives” are still in the slingshot-and-sharpened-sticks mindset, thinking they’ll rid the land of their opponents. They have no idea what real violence looks like, and for their sake I hope society doesn’t devolve far enough for them to find out.

    2. Hell, they (mostly) cannot imagine, in their hearts, a multiple casualty shooting, or a structure fire with several casualties, a couple of them kids only “nearly” dead.

      Folks who have stepped through the blood, knelt in the blood, attempting to save the survivors, well, we know what violence, what no shit carnage, smells, hell, FEELS like.

      A reality I pray my children-hell YOUR children- remain innocent of.

      So I’m begging y’all (Dems), with tears in my eyes: I want to live in peace, but if you keep fucking with us, we will kill you all.

      And then go home to dinner, and our grandchildren, and go to work the next day. Again.

  4. This is them trying to control the narrative in the fallout of the elections yesterday.

    “See? Those crazy conservatives just won VA, the same people who perpetrated the armed insurrection!!”

    They keep saying “armed”, and “insurrection” despite neither being true. No one who has been arrested for being in the capitol has received a weapons charge nor been charged with insurrection”.

    We all know that, but they keep saying it to keep the lie going. 2022 is going to be rough on these folks.

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