At least 74 Illinois sheriff’s departments vow to defy state assault weapons ban

Just days after Illinois became the ninth U.S. state to ban assault rifles, the state already hit a roadblock to implementing the law: defiant sheriff’s offices.

At least 74 Illinois sheriff’s departments have publicly vowed to defy elements of a recent gun-control law signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, which banned assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and switches. The offices have vowed to not check if weapons are registered with the state or house individuals arrested only for not complying with the law.

As the number of uncooperative sheriff’s offices increased, Pritzker has made his own vow – to ensure those members of law enforcement who fail to “do their job… won’t be in their job.”

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association issued a statement Wednesday expressing continued opposition to the law. Simultaneously, dozens of sheriff’s offices began to post nearly identical messages promising they would not check for compliance with the law or arrest offenders of the law.

Many of the sheriffs defying the law have described their opposition to the law as akin to civil disobedience to protect the Second Amendment.

“We will not be enforcing it in this county; I will also not house anyone in my jail that has violated this act because we know it to be an unlawful act by the general assembly and the governor,” Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard Sr. said in an online video.

Of course, the Left is going monkeyshit over this, demanding all these sheriffs be fired.

I’d like to see the Venn Diagram of people who think these sheriffs should get fired and those who thought it was wrong for DeSantis to fire Scott Israel after the Broward County Sheriff’s Office fucked up the Parkland shooting response.  I bet it’s a perfect circle.

This reminds me of the fight over concealed carry in Illinois.

After Moore v. Madigan reqired Illinois to addopt CCW, Downstate sheriffs announced that if the state didn’t pass the law by the Court’s imposed cutoff date, they’d default to constitutional carry.

Southern Illinois is not Chicago.

These sheriffs clearly took their duty to uphold and defend the Constitution seriously.

This is good.

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By J. Kb

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  1. Funny how the leftists all support ignoring Federal immigration law, but will go ballistic when a sheriff chooses to ignore unconstitutional gun control laws.

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