NoRA is always good for a chuckle.

The latest I saw from them makes me wonder if they want the “Gun Violence” issue solved by EPA or the EEOC. Perhaps the FDA?

The problem I have is how will they explain the issue of women being the fastest growing segment of the firearms community.  Must be some Freudian penis envy stuff.

7 Replies to “NoRA is always good for a chuckle.”

  1. “Toxic masculinity” is one of those terms like Ammosexual that I’ve come to love and use for myself. I don’t think the left realizes that some of the things they find offensive about us and use to try to disparage us are things that we enjoy.

  2. If masculinity was so toxic, then children growing up in a household with a father would be the happiest and most stable children out there.

    But, for some reason, fatherless children seem to suffer worst from depression, isolationism, and any number of other mental illnesses.

  3. Fun Fact: Under the new Canadian Human Rights Act signed into law by PM Justin Trudeau, it is illegal for a Canadian man to achieve a fully hard erection.

    1. @J. Kb.

      What? I mean….what? I think this deserves a thread of it’s own on here, just for the principle of it.

      EDIT: You’re being sarcastic, I get it now. Sorry, I’m dense sometimes. Though that it gave me such pause says an awful lot about Trudeau.

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