Not knowing is not stupidity. Good Faith is not Weakness.

I do not think we can say Richard Hammond is an ignorant about cars, regular or otherwise. But yet, the first time he tries to take out a Formula One rocket, he cannot make it 25 yards out of the pits. He simply did not know how to deal with this particular beast. It does not make him some sort of useless example of human being but an untrained one.

It seems some people find sick rejoice at pointing out the good faith failings of others as way to prop their ego and politicize stuff. We don’t do that in this blog. I will use tragic examples as teaching tools and even if you are the idiot that begged the event, I am not going to make political or self-aggrandizing taunts, just point out that you are an idiot.

So, if you need to put down people just because it makes for a long-lasting mental erection, please go do somewhere else. I am older, ornery and my total effective time for suffering fools is about 5 milliseconds.

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