Nothing good happens after midnight, Taco Truck Edition

In a press release from the LAPD:

South Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Deppartment and 77th Division Robbery Detectives are asking for the public’s help in providing any information that would lead to the identification and arrest of three suspects involved in a robbery.

On July 14, 2018, around 3:10 a.m., 77th Area patrol officers responded to a radio call of a robbery that just occurred in the 1300 block of West Manchester Avenue.

When the officers arrived, they discovered that three suspects had entered the taco truck parked at the location and robbed the workers at gunpoint. One of the victims was pistol-whipped during the incident.

Their investigation revealed that two male Blacks and one male Hispanic entered the truck, forced the workers to the ground and demanded money. The suspects attempted to gain access to a safe at the location, however were unable to access the safe. The suspects then demanded property, including cell phones and cash, from the workers.

The suspects were last seen running from the location with the victims’ property. The suspects are described in their 20’s, with no distinctive physical features.

There is security camera footage and it’s good.  Nice and clear.

I’m going to assume that at 3:10 am they were serving the last call bar crowd or were cleaning up have just done that.

Still, if I were operating a late night taco truck, I’d do my clean up at a more secure location.  I’ve done some late night bar backing and once the patrons go, you deadbolt everything.  You don’t want to get held up while mopping the floor.

The robbers only had one gun between them.  If these weren’t California, I’d say a CCW holder would have had a good chance of defending himself in those odds.  Being CA, there is no chance anybody working after midnight legally carrying.

Lastly, one worker was pistol whipped.  He handed over his money and phone and still was beaten.  You cannot trust that if you comply with the bad guys, they won’t hurt you.  You might get beat on the head, you might get shot to keep you from being a witness.

It’s by sheer dumb luck those guys are still alive and not anything else.

Be careful out there.  If you don’t have to be out after midnight, don’t.  If you do and you can be armed, do that.

One Reply to “Nothing good happens after midnight, Taco Truck Edition”

  1. Not exactly Mensa candidates. They did read the “hoodie memo,” but managed to look directly into the security camera for nice pictures. Also, even if they’d gotten into the safe, just how much are you going to get from a taco truck at 3:10 am?

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