Notre Dame: I pissed some people off.

I mentioned in a post that Notre Dame “was pure religious Disney than pious Christianity.” I ruffled some feathers even from those who were not in the faith and if not all, most had one thing in common: They had been to Notre Dame.

I stand by my opinion.

Notre Dame is the catholic building version of MTV: It is now known for one thing but we must be reminded that once it did something related to its name.

3 Replies to “Notre Dame: I pissed some people off.”

  1. Do they mean it’s revered LIKE Mecca in that headline?

    No anger in pointing out that it’s still a church, even if its swarmed with tourists.

    No anger in pointing out that many of those tourists have attended Mass there because they were Catholics and on vacation in Paris.

    I’m not mad, you’re just being deliberately ignorant that the value of the place is still religious to some people despite it becoming a landmark tourist destination.

    I visited the place, as a tourist, just to see the stained glass and listen to the bells. I got to see the glass.

    I went to see the structure, not the church.

    But even as a tourist, I Grokked that this was still a Church.

    I took the same thing away from visiting The Vatican.

  2. Truth sometimes is hard to take for some people. My HO- it USED to be a Church, now its a tourist attraction that sometimes is used as a church. I fully understood where you were comin from Sir on this. The other interesting point is the crickets you hear from the “authorities” and the media there on the other vandilism being done to Christian churches

  3. I worship God, not a building. I appreciate great architecture and semi-ancient construction and the role churches have had as landmarks and tourist sites and the center of a community..,however, it is still just a building. The whole point of a church is to focus us on worshipping God and Christianity is the only one true religion.

    Compare that with the muslim worship of an asteroid in a black box building and that is pure idolatry; which they say they abhor. They also claim to be a religion of peace, but it is the “peace” of utter conquest after killing or enslaving anyone who does not share their ideas. They claim they respect women, yet treat them like property (e.g. pedophilia, polygamy).

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