Fuck Joe Biden.

Gun blogs are filled with writings about 3D printing receivers.

There are many ways to be ungovernable.

Fuck the Obama/Biden flow regulator with a power drill.  Literally.

Take back your ability to shower like man.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Now Biden is going to ruin your shower”
    1. And the day they cant be removed.
      I shall make my own.

      The fed govt, can kiss my dirty ass.

      And its traitorous employees.

  1. Flow rate is also a matter of pressure. The 2.5 gal rating is for 70PSI, if I remember correctly.

    I am on a well here, and the highest I get is 60 PSI, for a fleeting few seconds when the pump cuts off. (Note that is at the pressure tank, not the shower head). My quick back of the napkin guesstimate is my 2.5 gal/min shower head is only providing about 1.25-1.5 gal/min. So, I pulled the restrictor, and get a great shower, at any pressure.

    Easy to do, you do not need a drill. Disassemble to shower head. The parts just unscrew. The flow restrictor is generally very easy to locate.

    Final note. The flow restrictions are not in place (per a civil engineer buddy) to save water. They are in place to make the sewage systems more efficient. The less water in the basins, the closer the bacteria are to their food, the faster the water gets treated.

    1. CB, the reason you mentioned may be the original one, but I think nowadays those devices are mandated for PC reasons.
      Depending on the manufacturer, the restrictor may pop right out. And if that doesn’t do enough, check the shower control valve; ours had additional restrictors in the valve assembly. That’s a bit trickier to deal with. Or was it a crudded up strainer? I don’t remember — but if you have insufficient water that might be something to check.

      Faucet aerators tend to be restrictive as well, and for that removal is typically the wrong answer, but a drill may be right.

    1. I used one for years…best showerhead I ever used. Wish I hadn’t forgotten to take it when I moved a few years ago.

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