From CNN:

Dozens more children hospitalized in New York with rare symptoms that could be linked to coronavirus

If there was one nice thing to say about COVID-19 it is that the virus spared children. We can’t sat that as much anymore.

In an advisory to health care providers, state officials said 64 children in New York have been hospitalized with a condition doctors described as “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome.”

Some of the children had persistent fever, toxic shock syndrome and features similar to Kawasaki disease, the state health advisory said.

Kawasaki disease causes inflammation in the walls of the arteries and can limit blood flow to the heart. While it’s usually treatable and most children recover without serious problems, it can also be deadly. It mainly affects children under age 5.

One of the things that we learned is that the Coronavirus seems to have mutated in Italy into a much more virulent strain and that strain is causing all the problems in New York.

It may be that the New York strain mutated again into a child killer.

There is also this news from The New York Times:

Travel From New York City Seeded Wave of U.S. Outbreak

If NYC has a new child killing strain of Coronavirus, and New York is what caused the US outbreak, then the only thing to do is bomb the bridges and tunnels and isolate that human petri dish from the rest of the country in the next 90 minutes.

If that fails, thermo nuclear weapons may be the answer.  Nothing kills a virus like high intensity gamma radiation.

It might be a necessity step to save Middle America’s children.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Now is the time to wall off NYC and possibly nuke it”
  1. “Travel From New York City Seeded Wave of U.S. Outbreak”

    Called it. And I’m surprised Ubberfuhrer Cuomo is allowing the NYT to print the truth for a change.

  2. Nobody knows what really causes Kawasaki disease (or this “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome”).

    I concede it could be a mutated form of the coronavirus.

    But I maintain that it could also be overexposure to cleaning/sanitizing chemicals, used excessively and in improper concentrations because of coronavirus fears.

    Take chlorine bleach, for example. Used in proper concentration (1/2 cup per gallon water), it sanitizes surfaces. Higher concentrations cause skin and eye irritations from using it, and breathing the fumes inflames nasal passages, throats, and lungs (and God knows what else once it’s absorbed through these mucous membranes).

    Now you have inflammation in multiple bodily systems.

    Who in their panic is measuring that out that 1/2 cup, rather than dumping a bunch in water? Or using the 1/2 cup in a 32-oz spray bottle instead of a gallon bucket? Or using the concentrated bleach like it’s the regular? Or like a roommate I once had, trying to use straight, undiluted bleach to clean?

    You’re also supposed to wipe the surface with your bleach solution, let it sit for 5-6 minutes, then rinse with water and let air dry. How many people are missing the rinse step? And even if they aren’t, what kind of exposure are the kids getting during the 5-6 minutes?

    And that’s just bleach. How many other cleaning/sanitizing chemicals are in the average American household’s cabinets?

    1. I should add: How many of those chemical fumes are being recirculated through the shared HVAC systems of large apartment buildings? Even assuming you’re doing everything right, if your neighbors aren’t, your kids are affected.

      God save us from stupid people.

  3. I remember back in the ’70s talking over a big debate issue with friends at work. The question: if the Soviets nuked NYC should we respond or just let it go? Are they hurting us or doing us a favor?

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