NRA PVF Releases Primary Election Candidate Grades for Florida.

I think even McThag would approve of this list.  Let’s start with a small list and do the Tax Collector for Franklin County. Do notice the red “NRA Endorsed” next to the name.

Let’s see governor, shall we?

Yup. No endorsement for either one even though they have an A or A+. This is being repeated in other races. Good to see that having an (R) or an “A” after your name no longer guarantees the NRA endorsement, specially after the SB7026 Gun Rights Rape.

Florida’s 27 Congressional District freed from the fake Pro-Gun Ileana Ros-Lehtinen will probably is going to an F sporting Democrat.

One I can stand behind is this one. Any Gun Rights Floridian agrees with the endorsement:

I should do a comparison of those who voted for or against SB7026 against this list, but I don’t have the energy today. Any complains just leave them in the comments.

4 Replies to “NRA PVF Releases Primary Election Candidate Grades for Florida.”

  1. What does “?” mean? That the candidate has not offered a position on RKBA issues? Or that no one has asked him?
    I once ran for state legislature and had to push hard to get a questionnaire so I could get a rating — which ended up “A”. But if some kind soul hadn’t pointed me at the process I wouldn’t have known about it. The people running it didn’t want to bother asking me, apparently.

  2. It indicates that they failed to complete and return the NRA-PVF candidate survey and have no previous record to base a rating on, a candidate rated only on the basis of the survey only receives a qualified rating since it based only the answers provided and not on any established voting record.

    1. Yes, I know a candidate without prior elected office record is limited to “A”, can’t get “A+”. That’s entirely fair.
      What I keep wondering about is whether they didn’t return the survey because they weren’t sent one. That’s what almost happened to me.

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