NRA versus Moms Demand (A “grassroots” organization…)

My source from the NRA Board Meeting had reported in, and attendance this year was 80,452. This is the second highest attended Annual Meeting. Houston still holds the overall record of 86,228.

Source: NRA Annual Meeting 2016 Attendance | Shall Not Be Questioned

And Shannon Watts could not get but “dozens” that didn’t even fill a small university theater.

But the garage sale of quilts was rather nice.


7 Replies to “NRA versus Moms Demand (A “grassroots” organization…)”

  1. I recall reading an article about a previous convention giving city crimes reported during the convention. After all, with an additional 80k of gun toting strangers, to hear the rhetoric from the gun control lobby you’d expect the crime figures to go through the roof.
    It would be interesting if the reported crimes to have declined during the convention.

      1. Then take a look at the previous weekend. Would be interesting to see if convention resulted in a drop in crime.
        Though I’m sure someone would be quick to mention that correlation doesn’t equal causation. Except when it furthers the gun control lobby’s cause. Then perception is everything.

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