From the New York Post:

Suspects accused of running $7M fentanyl ring released without bail

Six suspected drug dealers who are accused of running a $7 million fentanyl distribution operation out of a Bronx apartment were released without bail under the state’s new criminal justice law early Wednesday.

Of course they were.  The last year we have data for is 2018, and overdose deaths hit an all-time high of 72,000 per year and they are only getting worse.  So why not let a bunch of fentanyl traffickers just walk free without bail?

Hundreds of thousands of the envelopes packed with the powder were spread across two tables and overflowing from boxes in the apartment, authorities said.

The drugs, which have a street value of about $7 million, were believed to be headed onto the streets of New York and New England, the prosecutor’s office said. Lab results on the drugs were pending Wednesday morning.

Despite the volume of the drugs seized, all six suspects were cut loose at their arraignments in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday morning.

Why hold them on bail, they were only caught we enough drugs to kill a small American city?

The judge ordered them to turn over their passports, as a number of them have connections to the Dominican Republic. They’re all due back in court Feb. 27.

Does anybody really believe that a sanctuary city can keep people without a passport from leaving if they don’t even want to keep people without a passport from coming in?  They are out of the country and not coming back.

Their lawyers argued none of the defendants have criminal records and noted family members of the suspects turned up for their arraignments.

Supporters in court early Wednesday waved their hands in celebration as the six suspects walked out.

Because they know their family members will never see the inside of a jail.

Welcome to New York, where you can be caught red-handed measuring out a mountain of drugs, and the city will just let you walk.

Why should the police even bother risking their lives to enforce the law if the courts are just going to let people walk?

It’s crystal clear that the political activist class that supports these laws has no interest in maintaining an orderly, safe, and civil society.

I just can’t figure out what they want.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “NY Bail Reform poisons people”
  1. I think they (politicians) want chaos, and they want to so restrict people’s ability to deal with it themselves (legally or not), that people feel they have no choice but to put their hope in the politicians. Thus gun control laws, for instance.

    Personally I think it’s a stupid strategy, trying to be the cockroach at the top of the pile of burning dung; but I don’t have a better explanation.

  2. I just can’t figure out what they want.

    From the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    1. SiGrayBeard: precisely. You, I, and everybody frequenting this blog cannot get our minds around that sort of thinking, nonetheless it exists. And, it seems, that sort of sociopath rises to the top of the pild, more often than not.

  3. As said before in this very blog (paraphrased, anyway):
    “They are evil: they do not think like us, nor do they hold our values.”

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