He eventually leaves the dealership and is barred by the police from returning. Six minutes later footage shows Mr. Rittenhouse being chased by an unknown group of people into the parking lot of another dealership several blocks away.


Reader Il Duca Mateo sent me the NYT’s link. I am gonna use the Archive.org version so you can see it pass the paywall. No judgements from the writers, just some info complimented with a couple of other things

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “NYT makes a half decent timeline of the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings”
  1. Questions, many questions.

    What was he doing at that car dealership? I’ve heard that supposedly he was there helping to protect his uncle’s property. And it’s not like he had to drive across the state — he was only fifteen miles away.

    He was clearly making nice with anyone who was peaceful and polite, even if they were protesters. So much for ‘out to kill someone’.

    I see the NYT left out how one of the goblins he bagged was trying to brain him with a skateboard. Can’t have THAT in the narrative, can we?

    “Mr. Rittenhouse walks with his hands up toward the police vehicles. Bystanders call out to the officers that he had just shot people.

    The police drive by him without stopping, on their way to assist the victims.”

    I’m sorry, what?

    I mean, I’m on this kid’s side and I’m not getting that. What on earth… why wouldn’t they take him into custody?

      1. Even if they weren’t going to arrest him, why not hustle him off and away so they can get a statement and contact info?

        That whole interaction is weird as hell.

        1. Presumably they were reporting to “shots fired, people hurt”. So their first duty is to make the scene safe, second duty is to render first aid. Stuff like questioning people comes after that.

    1. Depending on which version of the video you watch, you will see what Kyle does after the shooting.

      This is the time line that I have been able to put together:
      1) He travels legally with his rifle to meet up with friends/acquaintance at the car dealership
      2) While there he is interviewed by at least 2 reporters. In both interviews he is polite and well spoken. He is not wearing any MAGA/TRUMP gear nor is he wearing BLM gear. He shows good trigger discipline at all times.

      He explains that he is there to protect the property. That he is there to help people that need help. He states that he is an EMT (I find that difficult to believe at 17. Maybe a first responder?) He points out that he has his medical bag with him to assist.
      3) He reports he has been pepper sprayed by the agitators and while being interviewed hears or observes somebody in need of assistance and he goes to help.
      4) A group of agitators from the antifa/blm crowd show up and start trying to get a raise out of the group at the car dealership.
      5) According to the NYT he had a conversation with some cops that gave the group water.
      6) He leaves the dealership area for some reason and is prevented from going back to the dealership by the police.
      7) Separated from his team he is spotted by one or more of the agitators from earlier and they give chase. He takes off running. From all indications I have, he was running towards the police.
      8) The people pursuing him are throwing things at him, one object being identified as a soda bottle in a plastic bag. One of those benign weapons that will knock you the f___ out if you use it as a mace and get somebody in the head.
      9) Somebody makes physical contact with him and he starts shooting. One of his shots takes out the attacker. We know he is an attacker because he is the person on the video throwing the soda bottle.
      10) He starts to take off, then runs back to the scene, pulls out his phone and starts to make calls. He then starts asking if the guy he shot needs a medic. He transfers his phone to his left hand to keep his strong hand on his rifle.
      11) Somebody starts shouting that “He just shot him!” and then “Get him”. At that point I lose track of his phone but he takes off running, multiple people pursuing him.
      12) About 2 blocks from the police he trips and falls. Skateboard dude does something and his skateboard leaves towards the left.
      13) Skateboard dude doesn’t break stride and scopes up his long board and arcs back towards Kyle’ blind side.
      14) Kyle is sitting up and skateboard dude nails him to the neck and back of the head. This is a kill stroke if executed correctly or it could have just knocked him unconscious or it could have broken his spine/neck.
      15) Skateboard dude then grabs the rifle near the hand guard and gives it a good yank. Kyle has the weapon in a good sling and retains control of the weapon.
      16) Kyle fires a number of shots. From the angle, at least one was to the lower abdomen angled up and likely hit skateboard dudes heart.
      17) Paramedic dude comes to a complete stop about 10 feet from Kyle and raises his hands.
      18) Kyle has his rifle pointed at paramedic dude but does NOT shoot.
      19) Paramedic dude lunges at Kyle, who is still on the ground. As he is moving forward he has a pistol in his right hand.
      20) Kyle fires and hits Paramedic dude in the right elbow. Dude looses interest in the fight.
      21) Kyle is up and starts walking towards the police.
      22) Multiple shots ring out and Kyle turns and walks backwards towards the police. When he doesn’t see anybody he starts to jog towards the cops.
      23) As he closes on the cops, he stops running, slows to a walk and puts his hands up.
      24) As he continues to close on the cops he hears people accusing him of shooting others.
      25) He takes his hands down and starts trotting towards the cops. The calls for medics can be heard.
      26) The two bearcats roar past him as the squad backs up to the intersection. Kyle is controlling his weapon on its sling. I.e. he is touching his weapons.
      27) He does a couple of more hands up and keeps advancing.
      28) When he gets to the intersection it is clear he is reporting to the cops at the corner in the squad car or on foot.

      29) It is reported that the cops got all his information but did not detain him.
      30) He returned home.
      31) It is reported that he fled the state and that the DA had issued warrants for his arrest including fleeing the state.
      32) He turns himself in (not sure), and charges change to just 2 murder charges.

  2. I don’t think he was the one who hit the first guy. A solid hit to the head from a 5.56mm would have made a HUGE exit wound. It wasn’t a grazing shot, because it was (supposedly) a kill shot. I think the ballistics report from the autopsy is going to show that it was a handgun bullet that killed the first one.

    1. I’m just starting to hear the same. There is somebody saying that the actual killer of red shirt might have been paramedic dude.

      Her, by this time you would think people would know wearing a red shirt on an away mission is a death sentence..

  3. In the first shooting incident they point out that Kyle was attempting to get away from the intital area until he heard the gunshot that was aimed into the air by an unidentified “protester”. I think the key here is that Kyle DID NOT see who fired the shot, but did see someone in close proximity running towards him (head shot assailant) when he turned around and probably thought head shot guy was the shooter. At least I can understand someone making that assumption given what little info was available in the heat of the moment.

    So I strongly feel that the first shooting was instigated by shot-in-the-air guy. It’d be even more damning if shot-in-the-air guy was in fact the Paramedic.

    Secondly, there’s video proof that Kyle was attempting to flee the scene, ie disengage, at least twice when faced with an actual conflict. In every State that I know the law you lose the protection of Self Defense if you pursue an assailant or seek them out and re-engage them since once contact is broken your life is no longer under threat. And none of the “protestors” had any legal authority to pursue, detain or punish a suspect. You also can’t claim Self Defense if you’re the one who unalwfully initiates a confrontation that then turns potentially lethal.

  4. I does look like it could be the paramedic who fired the first shot I’m the air.

    I thought originally the paramedic maybe accidentally shot the dude in the head but the second angle of the shooting shows that to not be possible.

    Internal balliacs are funny and it’s possible he took one right to the forehead and it did and immediate left turn our the side of his head. The shirt obscures his forehead in all the pics and vids I’ve seen. The home may not be visible in the fabric due to bunching low light etc. I can tell you it was hard enough to see 223 holes on fresh paper in direct sunlight when I scored hipower matches, sometimes you couldn’t see it at all.

    There is also video from a bystander live streaming that catches the shooting and him milling around the area after and finally talking to some of the armed guys who were there. Seems like most people were cool with the all armed dudes presence. One of the militia guys tells the live streamer that police told them they were going to push protestors to them because the private citizens could deal with them and the police could not. Afaik this hasn’t been verified in any way.

    This is an interesting fact and likely true that the police really could do anything but also means the police effectively setup the events for the shooting or at least their directive to push the protestors to the militia.

    Here is a clip of what I was talking about. You can also find the full stream link slightly down the Twitter thread.


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