Another victory for advocates is likely to be a requirement for all licensed dealers and manufacturers to report to federal authorities any guns that are stolen in transit to a buyer as missing from their inventory. Currently, advocates say, thieves often target packages addressed to gun retailers in the hopes of stealing unregistered guns that are harder to trace. And while buyer and seller might sort out refunds or replacements on their own, they’re not required to report the missing guns to the National Crime Information Center.

Source: Obama set to unveil curbs on gun sellers – POLITICO

If this is true, it shows how ready this administration is to spread a thick layer of BS: It is already a requirement to report lost or stolen firearms by manufacturers, distributors and licensed sellers.

From the ATF website:

Any Federal Firearms Licensee who has knowledge of the theft or loss of any firearms from their inventory must report such theft or loss within 48 hours of discovery to ATF and to the local law enforcement agency. (Regulations at 27 CFR § 478.39a and implementing section 923(g)(6) require that the report of theft or loss be made by telephone and in writing to ATF).

Upon discovery of any theft or loss of any of your firearms:

  1. First, call your local law enforcement agency to report the theft or loss. Contacting .the local law enforcement authorities is essential to the quick recovery of firearms taken in a crime. If the firearms are unaccounted for during inventory, you should make it clear to the authorities that there is no evidence of a crime and that the disposition of these firearms is unknown and may stem from a record keeping error.
  2. Second, call the ATF’s Stolen Firearms Program Manager toll-free at 1-888-930-9275. They can also assist in the preparation of the Theft / Loss Report for submission. ATF will work with the local law enforcement authorities investigating the theft.
  3. Third, complete the report form (ATF Form 3310.11) and attach any continuation sheets necessary (ATF Form 3310.11A) and mail it to ATF’s National Tracing Center. Be sure to submit the original form(s) to ATF and retain copies for your records.
  4. Fourth, complete the report form (ATF Form 3310.6) (INTERSTATE) for firearms missing in shipment; reports can be taken by either party, the Shipper, Consignee/Receiver or the Carrier

As Dennis B. from Dragon Leatherworks (An FFL himself) explains: “they are playing to the low-information voter and the Moms Demand Something crowd that has no clue what the actual *laws* say.

If you ask me, what we have here is dropping tons of make up to see if they can make the porcine look decent enough. Just like Moms Demand are celebrating loudly that some store chain in Texas will not allow Open Carry at its several locales but do not acknowledge the fact that they were unable to stop Open Carry altogether as they had promise to do. Sort of being in an accident and having to go to a hospital but announcing to the four winds they won because the manicure is still intact.

If this proposed executive order is real, then we can breathe a bit easier knowing it is all gonna be for show with no irreversible effect. Now, I do not discard all this crap as smoke curtain for other attempts at state and local level like Seattle’s tax on firearms and ammunition.

Remember, the beast is wounded and dying but it is still dangerous. Expect idiocy and vindictiveness.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Executive Gun Control Orders: Already lying to the public.”
  1. Actually, this is a real issue: you’re required to report when guns still on your books go missing/get stolen…

    Except that when you ship to another FFL, you log them out when you send the package, and they don’t show up on someone’s books until the package is received, opened, and logged at the other end.

    Thus the question of how to handle guns that go missing in transit.

    What the administration is trying to do is stick the receiving FFL with the responsibility to report a gun as lost or stolen when they have never even seen it, and have no way to verify its vital info (mfg/importer, model, serial number, type of firearm, caliber, etc.).

    Ultimately, there’s no truly good way to handle this that doesn’t risk leaving dealers on the hook for things completely outside their control and/or knowledge.

    1. But the guns are still on the books even if in transit. That is according to the FFLs I spoke with who even made the distinction between FOB and COD when it comes to whose guns are they.

      1. No.

        As an FFL, you are required to log information relating to the acquisition and disposition of every firearm that passes through your books.

        Legally speaking, when you ship a firearm you have disposed of it to another FFL; You log this in the disposition side of your bound book. Similarly, when a firearm arrives at your door, you log it into your book, along with details on where it came from.

        Thus, if Dealer A ships a firearm to Dealer B, and it disappears in transit, Dealer A has already logged it out, and Dealer B never actually acquired it. In other words, Dealer A has fulfilled his statutory duty, and Dealer B has none.

        Ultimately, this is a shit sandwich of a “commonsense reform” that has no purpose but to make it harder operate as an FFL.

  2. In the 11 years I’ve been a FFL, I have lost 2 guns. Someone broke in and took a 380 Llama and a off brand single action 22. The police were called and I contacted the ATF and filled out the form. That was 9 years ago. I still get a call ever November from the police department. They always ask if we have recovered the guns. Gotta love the government bureaucracy.

    I keep several of those forms in my file cabinet, just in case.

  3. This is pointed at the dems and libs that are to lazy to do research and just believe what garbage they are fed by their hero’s.

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