Apparently this is a thing gong around to prove how good your trigger control is.



At least his dumbass removed his dumbass genetics from the gene pool.

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By J. Kb

22 thoughts on “Officially the dumbest social media trend”
  1. In Russia … 9mm screws around with you.

    On a serious note, I knew what was coming from the text and I still jumped. All 4 safety rules broken in one go with the expected outcome.

  2. USA- Unbelievable Stupid American…. If you gonna be dumb , ya gotta be tuff…. Hey, morons eat Tide pods, drink boiling water, so its natural for them to be clueless about guns.
    Lets start a “social media trend” where they eat large amounts of tranquilizers…. Maybe We the People can help raise the Country’s IQ above room temperature….

    1. I have an idea for a new social media “Challenge” that could dupe some of the exceptionally stupid people, but I’m playing it close to the vest so people don’t catch on too early.
      We wouldn’t really do it ourselves (we’d do some subtle off-camera substitutions, for safety, and be sure to keep some details visible, to help astute viewers recognize it’s fake), but it’d be interesting to see how many people are dumb enough to try the real thing.

      1. What J.Kb said. “Darwining” yourself doesn’t require death. Just removing oneself from the gene pool through sheer stupidity is enough.
        That said, it was just his left testicle. The right one (probably) still works, unless the muzzle blast of a 9mm going off inches away and the hydrostatic shock of the slug destroying Lefty was enough to damage Righty, too. (Seeing how wide bullet wound channels can get, it wouldn’t surprise me if Right wasn’t beat to hell just from being too close.)

  3. I wish I could say this is a new trend, but unfortunately it has been going on for some time.
    This is a prime example of why a chainsaw has a warning label advising you that said chain saw is dangerous…

    1. You ever look at the owner’s manual for any firearm? It is about 98% warnings…
      Anyway, yeah… one has to be a total moron to actually point a loaded firearm at something they do not want to harm in any way. Which means, they likely did not read the manual in any way.

      1. Kinda like in CT we now have the safe storage law because a 16 year old killed himself playing with his friend’s dad’s gun he took out of a hiding spot in the dad’s room.
        Either A – He killed himself on purpose or B – a dangerous implement was not treated with respect.
        I can certainly understand hurting yourself out of ignorance because you don’t know a process or how something works.
        I cannot understand shooting yourself in the face by accident because you somehow don’t know gun is dangerous.

        1. I’m sure his last thought was, “It’s not loaded.” How many times does “I didn’t think it was loaded” come up as an excuse?
          It’s funny how many “not loaded” guns end up “going off” because people are too stupid to check, as well as being too stupid to realize Rule #1 is written the way it is for a damn reason (or ignorant enough to not know what Rule #1 is).

          1. But, he knew it was loaded. He got video of the full mag showing before he closed the slide.
            I it “possible” he may have thought the round failed to feed, but seriously, he was too busy being tough.
            This is more of a violation of Rules #2, 3, and 4.

    2. The laundromat has labels warning not to let children play in the dryers. I asked and yes it happened which is why they put up the labels. SMH

  4. I guess it is not “cool” enough to have used snapcaps…
    Well, at a minimum, he demonstrated what a level of badass he is.

  5. Can’t wait for the new warning labels to be engraved on the slide. Forget, “CAPABLE OF FIRING WITH MAGAZINE REMOVED.” PSA is gonna be engraving “DO NOT POINT AT YOUR BALLS AND PULL TRIGGER” on the next production run of slides.

    1. Yeah, that first one wouldn’t have been enough; the guy had a magazine inserted. And it was loaded, too.
      But for some reason I think they could engrave and paint “DO NOT POINT AT YOUR BALLS AND PULL THE TRIGGER” in fluorescent, flashing neon letters, and he’d still have done it. I mean, I only “know” him from a 15-second social media video, but it doesn’t exactly scream “HEEDS WARNING LABELS” to me.

  6. Bad news: caption only describes left testicles sacrificed on The Altar Of Stupid

    Good News: plausibly, the effects of burning hot gasses from the powder charge may well have cooked/hydrostatically damaged the right testicle such that future functioning is a null set.

    Think: Terry Kath, Jon Eric Hexum as exemplars of the damage “only” propellant gasses can do

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