By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Oh f*ck me… time to up my carry game”
  1. Could not find the article on the Breaking911 home page, did not look deeper. Just a guess, “depopulate” does not mean put the dangerous criminals through a chipper. State Inspector says these criminals are too dangerous for the police so put the dangerous criminals out in the civilian population that the police may be safe?

  2. This is how it started in CA. Before long you’ll have felons walking the streets. Feeling invincible, knowing they won’t be re-incarcerated, they’ll continue their crimes unabated. The local and state politicians will enjoin legislation that the crminals must remain free.

    Citizens, act NOW if you wish to preserve your community from further degradation. ‘Upping your carry’ is nothing but reactionary yet still subjects you to the whims of a DA with an agenda even if yours is a good shoot. Why settle for that when you now have the opportunity to end this complete crapfest?

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