Oh, I can answer that question for them.

I saw this in Haaretz:

Why These Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Voted No on an anti-BDS Bill
JTA asked all seven for explanations, and five sent replies. Klobuchar’s staff said she was caught up in hearings, and the office of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., never responded

The Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act (S.1), which the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said “contains critical pro-Israel provisions,” passed 77-23, earning yeas from every Republican but one, Rand Paul of Kentucky. It codifies $38 billion in defense assistance to Israel and provides legal cover to states that target the boycott Israel movement.

The exceptions, however, were notable: Of the seven Senate Democrats who have declared for the presidency or seem poised to, six voted no. Only Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota voted yes.

JTA asked all seven for explanations, and five sent replies. Klobuchar’s staff said she was caught up in hearings, and the office of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., never responded.

So six of the seven Democrats who have thrown their hat into the ring for President voted no on this bill.  Klobuchar voted yes, but according to Monmouth polling, she ranks way down on the list of favored candidates with only 2% support.  She’s ranked No. 8 by The Hill and No. 4 by Kipligner, both of which noted how moderate she is.  That is bad news for her in today’s increasingly crazy Woke Democrat party.

The five no voters based their opposition to what has been called an “anti-BDS bill” on free speech concerns about its anti-boycott element, which would provide federal protections for states penalizing boycotters.

Horseshit.  The Democrats are as principled on free speech as the KGB.

The only principle the Democrats have is “do whatever it takes to get elected and hold or gain power.”

They are not stalwart defenders of the right to protest.

This is a calculated decision.

Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory kicked off the Woman’s March with Jew hatred and ran that for over a year successfully with full media support.

AOC is a rising star of the Democrat party and in her first major interview she went down the path of Israel being the evil occupying force.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are also part of that hip #Resistance Freshman Democrat thing.

Just the other day Republican House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy called out the Democrats for allowing Omar’s antisemitic comments to go unchecked.  He mentioned that the GOP pretty much cut Rep Steve Kings balls off* for making white supremacist statements and making the party look bad, and wondered why the Democrats weren’t doing the same with Rep Omar.

*Not just was King stripped of being on the AG Committee, the GOP is actively seeking people to primary him.   It’s bad when your own party is working against your reelection.

How did Rep Omar respond?


There is nothing like a double down.  Respond to accusations of antisemitism with more antisemitism.  When challenged on that, she said “AIPAC” as her defense.  This is a deflection of the ignorant because the PAC in AIPAC does not stand for “Political Action Committee” and AIPAC gives not money to political campaigns.

David Duke, yeah that David Duke, jumped in to defend Omar’s statement with his own brand of Jew hating conspiracy mongering.  When it comes to Democrats, a white hood is never that far away.

So why are the Democrats not going after Omar or any of the other overt antisemites aligned with them?

Simple, two reasons.

First: Social Justice, like all forms of radical Leftism hates the Jews.  This time, it’s that the Jews are not white, the Jews are too white.  We’re too rich, too successful, and clearly that makes us evil oppressors and not noble victims.

With Social Justice taking over the Democrat party, it’s not good to be good to the Jews.

Second: Muslims are going to replace the Jews as the second most populous religious minority in America.  It’s a good electoral strategy to make the Muslims a predicable Democrat voting block.

Remember the Democrat principle? “Do whatever it takes to get elected and hold or gain power.”

Well, right now the Democrats’ electoral math is “throw the Jews under the bus to gain the Woke SJW vote and the Muslim vote.”

Some of those candidates are probably Jew haters as well, but in the past it would have been politically necessary for them to at least support Jewish interests for votes.  Now supporting Jewish interests is a liability.

It will start at first with no supporting Israel, but soon enough they will go whole hog on anti-Jewish policy wherever the math says it’s prudent to do so.

This is what the Jews get for voting for the Democrats 85% of the time.  We’re in the bag for them and now they can court the Jew haters for votes.

So if I could say anything to Haaretz, it’s this.  “Promoting or conditioning antisemitism isn’t going to cost the Democrats a whole lot of votes with Jews and their supporters, while it will gain the Democrats a lot of votes with Muslims and the Social Justice crowd.  Once again, the Jews are expendable in politics.”

Short of actually being sent to camps, I don’t know what will make the Jewish community in America change its mind about political parties in the US.  Jews don’t support the Republican President that supports Israel and has Jewish kids and grand kids, but they do support the Democratic candidates who are all to happy to back the antisemites in the Women’s March, BDS, and Palestinian terrorism.

What American Jews need to do, and I will say this ad nauseam until 2020, is stop supporting the Democrat party.  They will undermine us everywhere at every turn.

The same thing is about to happen to the gay community too.  The gays vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats but the Muslims hate the gays too.  So Gay America, you need to look around and ask yourself if you are next on the chopping block?

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    1. Boycott, divest, and sanction. Pretty much the total social, political, and economic isolation of Israel. It’s not just not boycotting products made in Israel. If an Israeli student wants to do an exchange in the US or if an Israeli professor wants to publish a paper, colleges that participate in BDS won’t let the student in or will refuse to review and publish the paper.

      1. Yes, and notice that BDS is almost a secret word, because the leftmedia hardly ever even mention it. My friend at work never even heard of BDS until I told him the other day. His first words were, “I’m going to go out and buy some Israeli stocks!”

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