Oh yeah, there will be reckoning.

The local fecal aviary catcher reprints a WaPo article and you just know they agree with it.

Whether this is even politically intelligent is unclear. Setting a clearer standard on disinformation would invite a torrent of criticism, but now that these companies have removed Infowars, they are due for a reckoning someday. They might as well dislodge themselves from their collective crouch and start running offense.
It would mean recognizing the enormous amount of control they have over the online ecosystem, as well as detailing how they plan to exercise that influence. It means determining a robust framework for removing disinformation (beyond what comes from Russian trolls), and articulating what that framework looks like. It probably also means staffing up to make sure that plan operates well in practice, and perhaps even creating appeals processes for those dissatisfied with the companies’ decisions.

Facebook, Twitter need to get tough and police ugly disinformation

My first comment is: Does this mean pretty disinformation will be allowed?

What strikes me as funny is that the author firmly believes the Big Social Media companies have total control which is nothing more than forgetting history: Newspapers are no longer the pillars of information, TV is slowly dying with cable coming right behind them.  American On Line, once the ruler of the internet and the connections among people is nothing but a Dad joke anymore.

Every time content has been tried to be controlled, humans find a way to bypass it. The Soviets were an incredible repression machine and yet they could not stop Samizdat, what makes these idiots think that in Free Market USA somebody will not come along with something new and better to make their plans obsolete?

And in the meantime, people are bypassing the restrictions of those platforms and thumbing their noses at the overseers. I can’t post the link to CodeIsFreeSpeech.com in Facebook? Good luck chasing a meme:

Can they eventually come up with an alogarithm that can detect this me and delete it? Yes, but it  will cost time and money while memes are cheap.

Americans will find a way to flip the middle finger and bankrupt you in due time. We don’t have Railroad Barons anymore, do we?

7 Replies to “Oh yeah, there will be reckoning.”

  1. No fan of Alex Jones, except for comic relief. That said, like the old saw, “I disagree with everything you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    1. That the mainstream outlets are demanding so vociferously that he be censored out of existence is a testament to how much they have lost their stranglehold on the public. And I do mean stranglehold, as they are intent on choking the willpower and life out of the country.

  2. I made the prediction a couple of years ago that, one way or another, this decade would see the end of unrestricted First Amendment rights. So far I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe I was wrong.

  3. When you have no facts or an argument, just pound the podium with your shoe to drown out dissenting voices.

    F Facebook
    F all the rest of the self appointed censors

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