That is just pretty. I always wanted a High Power which was the official sidearm of the Venezuelan military officers (and while we are at it, the FAL Paratrooper is also in my wish list) and I have not even been able to touch one, much less shoot it.

According to Springfield Armory, it is not just a reproduction but it has been modernized. Good! I heard it is retailing at $600 which means they are gonna sell like meth in Nashville on payday. Drawback? Only comes with one magazine.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “Oh yes I want one! Springfield Armory SA-35 High Power.”
  1. I’ll have one (or two). I’ve given SA a lot of shit over the years, but when they do right they’ll get my praise. A US made, nicely appointed Hi Power for under $700 gets a lot of praise so long as it runs right.

    I definitely need an FAL to go with it.

  2. Springfield is still on my “not buying” list. This does look nice, though.

    I have an Inglis Chinese contract. It’s not as good looking, but themself the breaks.

  3. MSRP listed as $699 and will take any existing P35 magazines – according to several reviews…………

    1. Having an early 60’s production HP, plus a holster & a bunch of mags just adds to the temptation. Plus, I actually like carrying mine.

  4. Looks pretty, hits the right buttons aesthetics wise.

    But, I think I will wait until the initial range reports (from trusted sources) come in.

  5. It’s a 1911 in 9mm. What’s the big deal? That’s got to be a heavy bastard when it’s loaded.

    1. As someone who owns both a 1911 and a Hipower, it is assuredly and absolutely not a 9mm 1911. Utterly different barrel locking mechanism, different trigger and sear, and a large magazine capacity.

      It’s also a pretty svelte gun, more Audrey Hepburn than Jane Mansfield, and famously easy to grip by people with small hands.

      And this gun is the pattern, the archetype most semiauto service pistols have followed ever since. Even the Glock has the same tilting barrel short recoil system that St. Browning (PBUH) perfected for the HP.

    2. It is a *better* and overall *improved* 1911 😀

      Browning looked at the 1911, was not satisfied and went on to design the Hi-Power together with a french engineer.

  6. I have an original Browning with an ambidextrous safety. Wouldn’t mind getting a second, but no ambi safety! Didn’t you just post a few days ago about the gun industry catering to Southpaws?

    Not complaining, just saying that something so close to the “shut up and take my money” level becomes a complete no-sale due to a $5 part easily fitted at the factory. Now I’ll have to research the aftermarket parts situation before even considering this gun. And add $50 to $100 to the price. And my experience with 1911’s is that aftermarket safeties are never quite as good as factory originals. So, there’s that.

  7. Assuming everything on it works properly, the downside is that dumb single side safety. The upside there is that IIRC Cylinder and Slide still makes ambi safeties for the Hi Power (among other upgrades). The subsequent downside to the upside is that they are not 5 dollar parts.
    At least SA deleted the magazine disconnect.
    I’ll keep my Mark III Belgian for the time being. It has the ambi thumb safety, and I went ahead and deleted the mag disconnect myself some years ago.

  8. Oh now this is nice. There is talk of a railed version and optics cut too. One of these calls for a nice leather holster.

    Going to start a new savings envelope in the gun safe.

  9. All these arguments ref the High Power’s shortcomings are sensible.

    OTOH, every handgun has it’s own list of shortcomings, eg, I like my Glock 19, but shoot way, way, way better with my SA XD-9.

    So, the reason I do not EDC my Browning is it is too pretty. Now, a $600 SA Browning P-35 clone?

    Shut up and take my money!

    1. Checked Grab-a-Gun this afternoon and $999 in stock. Checked again when I got home, out of stock. Good luck. And there ain’t gonna be no $600 street price anytime soon. ☹

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