Old News: A case for “high capacity” magazines.

I don’t care how bad you fucked up, specially if you already were tried and found or confessed guilty, nobody deserves to die like that. That is a mob that needed to come to Jesus via an expeditious expense of high amounts of ammunition.


3 Replies to “Old News: A case for “high capacity” magazines.”

  1. This summer, I read “The Devil in the Grove” and “Beneath a Ruthless Sun” about how bad thing were in Democrat run old Lake County, Florida.

    They haven’t changed all that much, except LBJ figured out that welfare and vote buying was a better way of keeping blacks down than Jim Crow.

  2. A black man in Florida in the 1920’s confesses to murder. Somehow, I don’t think he was advised of his right to remain silent nor his right to an attorney. His “right” to be worked over by rubber hoses, yeah he got that part.

  3. Something to remember is that most gun control laws have their origin in keeping one or another underclass of citizens incapable of defending themselves against semi-official violence. One of the two big reasons the South had the post Reconstruction gun laws it did was to make sure the Night Riders met with as little resistance as possible,

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