The Twitter feed of Shannon Watts is a place where logic goes to die and really shows you the depth of moral depravity among some groups of people.

This is one of her Tweets:

This is the CNN article she retweeted:

These moms are seeking office to ‘leave the casket open’

What does that mean?

On August 31, 1955, the body of a black youth was found in the Tallahatchie River, near Money, Mississippi. He was naked except for the barbed wire wound around him, which was attached to a 75-pound fan meant to sink him down to the riverbed. One eye was gouged out and his skull badly fractured and with a bullet hole in it. He was, in fact, so badly beaten that his uncle was able to make a positive identification only because he recognized the youngster’s initialed ring.

When Till’s mother, Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley, was told how her only child had been murdered, she demanded that his body be returned to Chicago. Seeing the disfigured remains at the train station, she collapsed — but then she called Ebony and Jet magazines, telling them that she wanted the whole world to see what she saw. At the funeral home, a mortician offered to “touch up” Till’s body. The mother said no and instructed that the casket be left open.

“I think everybody needed to know what had happened to Emmett Till,” she said.

The lynching of Emmett Till is a national shame.  Now I understand the “leave the casket open” thing.

So who is CNN going to turn into a martyr like Emmett Till to draw a parallel?

The day after Thanksgiving 2012, Lucia “Lucy” McBath answered the phone. It was the father of Jordan Davis, her 17-year-old son. He told her that Jordan had been shot and killed at a Jacksonville, Florida, gas station by a white man who, as it turned out, complained that Davis and his friends had been playing music too loudly in their car.

The Davis shoot was a bad shoot.  Michael Dunn was sentenced to life in prison plus 90 years.  Davis was not lynched.

Lucy McBath grieved. She also quit her job as a Delta flight attendant to become a full-time gun control activist. Then, on July 24, 2018, she won the Democratic nomination in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The month before, she told Elle magazine that she had been “afraid” to run for office. “I kept saying, I don’t know how to be a politician. … I’ve never done that before.” But after she won the primary, she tweeted, “… I intend to show the good people of #GA06 what a tough, determined mother can do.”

I’m not a fan of anybody running for office because they are the victims of some tragedy.  We saw that with Carolyn McCarthy.  I don’t want to elect a representative who knows nothing about anything except one particular issue they have latched onto like a dog with a bone.

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American resident of Ferguson, Missouri, just north of St. Louis, was walking with a friend down the center of Canfield Drive. Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson believed that Brown matched the description, fresh off his radio, of a shoplifting suspect. At one minute after noon, he drove up on the two young men. Two minutes later, an altercation ensued, the pair fled, and Wilson gave chase on foot. The official report by the district attorney and the medical examiner indicates that Brown had turned and was approaching Wilson when the officer fired repeatedly, hitting Brown, who was unarmed, six times.

And…. you lost me.  I’m done.  Michael Brown was shot by a cop, not lynched by some civilians.  Brown was shot for attacking a cop and trying to take his gun after being stopped as a robbery suspect.

Trying to turn a criminal shot by police into Emmett Till destroys your argument.  It’s hard for me to have sympathy for the family of someone who died trying to kill a cop.

The more the anti-gun side tries to make violent criminals shot by police into martyred victims of gun violence, the worse it makes them look.

It shows they that they have a disinterest in law and order.

“We’re not against beating a cops’s head in, as long as nobody gets shot” is a hell of a message, and they have decided to go with it.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “On of these is not like the other”
  1. They don’t care what happens, as long as nobody is shot.

    The commentary about the McGlockton shooting says volumes. Over and over there’s condemnation for the shooting, and praise for attacking Drejka because he was dissin’ his princess.

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